Ear Pointing: Body Modification or Cosmetic Surgery?

There’s no doubting the increasing desire for modifying the human body in today’s society. Whether it be with tattoos, piercings, or plastic surgery, a market for sculpting and creating with flesh and bone flourishes with scalpels and needles finding new and welcoming homes in the body art industry. Some modifications are more extreme than others, with several emerging in popularity that do much more than poking a hole through your skin. An example of one such procedure lies in the topic of our post today: ear pointing.



Ear pointing is a medical procedure that alters the shape of the ear for cosmetic change and to gain unique features otherwise unseen in society. Many times, the ear will be transformed to reflect a less humanlike appearance, such as the popular pointed elf shape that many fairy-fashionistas are flocking to add to their other-worldly personas.

While this specific body modification may be painful and much more permanent than your typical mod, there’s no question that it has still made its place well known within the culture and style of those looking to modify their body.



What do you think about pointed ears? Would you try a procedure like this to modify your body? Leave a comment & tell us your thoughts!