Have You Heard? – Ragnar Piercing

deep snug ear piercing

So, for anybody who’s thinking “what the heck is a ragnar piercing,” it’s just a fancy word for deep snug.  It’s basically just a transverse ear piercing that starts about where a regular snug would, but goes through the entirety of the scaffa/helix cartilage and emerges at the outside edge of the ear.  Funny name, awesome piercing.

A ragnar can have a slightly different orientation from person to person, depending on that person’s individual ear anatomy and the amount of other lobe, conch, or helix piercings that are already present and might need to be worked around.  Sometimes it’s almost perfectly horizontal, but other times there can be a mild to moderate incline or decline.  It all depends.

different ragnar/snug orientations

Apparently the name “ragnar” comes from the first fella to ever be pictured where the piercing, which believe it or not wasn’t even invented until after the year 2000.  So it’s definitely a contemporary piercing.

Some people wear a ragnar with a straight barbell, others with a curved one, or sometimes even a flexible straight bar (usually made of bioplast or PTFE).  Rarely it can be seen with a large diameter horseshoe or captive, but for most wearers that isn’t really an option.

flexible PTFE and bioplast bars

So that’s the ragnar.  Admittedly unique, interesting, and enticing for a next piercing choice.  We’ll see!

What’s That Called? – Dictionary of Body Piercings

This is it everyone; the last installment of the Piercing Dictionary, for now anyways.  It’s time for our final segment: body piercings.  Although with the advent of dermal piercing, one can be pierced nearly anywhere nowadays, I’ve stuck with the most popular piercings of the body in an attempt to keep it fresh.  Enjoy!


Navel Piercing or Belly Button Piercing: A single piercing through the upper rim of the navel.

Belly Button Piercing

Bottom Belly Piercing: Any Piercing directly underneath the belly button or through the lower rim.

Piercing of the Lower navel rim

Hip Piercing: Surface Piercing on or above the hip, generally done on both sides.

Hip surface piercings

Nape Piercing: Piercing at the nape of the neck.

nape of the neck piercing

Vampire Bite or “Vampire’s Kiss” Piercing: a surface piercing anywhere on the side of the neck, so named for its resemblance to a vampire bite, and often worn with red gems to symbolize blood.

Vampire Bite surface piercing

Madison Piercing: This is a piercing in the dent just above the collar bone.  Much in the style of the Monroe, the Madison was also named for a famous actress: former adult cinema star Madison Stone, who was the first person ever associated with the piercing.  Though the traditional style is to pierce with a surface bar or barbell, these are also often seen worn with horseshoe rings.

Madison Neck Piercing

Collar or Clavicle Piercing: One or more surface piercings of the skin across the collar bone (usually one on each side.)

collar bone piercings

Sternum or “Cleavage” Piercing: Any horizontal or vertical surface piercing over the breast bone.

Vertical Cleavage Piercing

Wrist Piercing: A horizontal surface piercing at the back of the wrist.

wrist surface piercing

Brace Piercing: When multiple surface piercings are lined up near the wrist or up the forearm.

Brace wrist piercings

Finger Piercing or “Ring” Piercing: A piercing at the base of a finger or thumb, sometimes called a ring piercing because when done with a single gem-tipped dermal, it mimics the look of a solitaire engagement ring.

Ring Dermal Piercing

Hand Web Piercing: This is exactly what it sounds like, a piercing of the thin webs of skin between any of the fingers.

Hand Web Barbell piercing

Corset piercing: A set of multiple parallel surface piercings of any shape, often worn with closure rings and laced through with ribbon to mimic the lacing of a corset.

Traditional Corset Piercings on the Back

Corset piercings started out in the traditional placement at the bottom of the back, but have now evolved to include corsetry almost anywhere on the body.  Some popular spots include the backs of the legs, the chest or neck, and the sides of the torso.

Leg, Neck, and Toso Corset Piercing

What’s That Called? – Dictionary of Oral Piercings

Get ready for today’s installment of the piercing dictionary!  This time we’re going over the oral piercings; those piercings that are inside the mouth and on the tongue.  Here we go:

Tongue Piercing: A standard vertical piercing through the tongue from top to bottom.

Standard Piercing of the Tongue

Horizontal Tongue Piercing or “Snake Eyes”: A piercing horizontally through the tip of the tongue with surface jewelry or a curved barbell.

horizontal tongue piercing

Venom Bites: Two tongue piercings placed side by side on the tongue.

venom bites double tongue piercing

Angel Bite or “Double Tongue” Piercing: Two or more tongue piercings placed one in front of the other on the tongue.

angel bites double tongue piercing

Tongue Frenulum or “Tongue Web” Piercing: A Piercing through the frenulum linguae, the strip of flesh under the tongue that connects the tongue to the lower gum plate.

web or frenulum piercing

Uvula Piercing: Piercing of the uvula, the dangling tissue between your tonsils at the back of the throat.  These piercings are extremely rare due to the high risk of activating the gag reflex, which could potentially cause serious damage during the piercing process.

uvula oral piercing

Upper Frenulum Piercing or “Vampire“: One or more piercings of the upper frenulum, the tissue that connects the upper lip to the gums.

vampire (uppeer frenulum) piercings

When this is done through the central tissue (beneath the lip bow) with a barbell, it’s called a smile or Smiley, and in the bottom lip’s central connective tissue, it’s called a Frown.

smiley and frowny piercings

Dental Piercing: Any piercing of the actual tooth.  This may sound ridiculous, but it’s totally true!  These piercings are done using a dental drill and implant jewelry.  Amazing!

dental piercings

And the newest up and coming oral piercing that’s still in the beginning stages: Gum Piercings.

piercing of the gums

Stay tuned next week for the last (and funnest) installment of the piercing dictionary: body piercings!

What’s That Called? – Dictionary of Facial Piercings

As promised, here is the next installment of the piercing dictionary.  This time we go through the facial piercings, which I’ve split up by general area for easier flow.  Enjoy!


Standard “Nose Piercing:” a piercing of either nostril, normally worn as a stud or a ring.

Standard Nose Piercings

Septum: a piercing of the septum, which is the area between the two nostrils.

Septum Nose Piercing

Bridge: a piercing of the nose bridge.

Piercing of the Nose Bridge

Vertical Bridge or “third eye:” a vertical surface piercing or dermal piercing at the top of the nose’s bridge or directly between the eyebrows.

Vertical Bridge or Third Eye Piercing


Medusa: a piercing of the philtrum (the dent in the upper lip just below the septum.)

Medusa or Philtrum Piercing

Jestrum or “vertical medusa:” a vertical piercing through the philtrum in which both ends are visible.

Vertical Medusa Piercing

Monroe: any piercing of the upper lip underneath the nose.  (This piercing is named for Marylin Monroe and her signature beauty mark, but over the years it has also come to be know by the names “Madonna” and “Crawford,” referencing other icons who have also been known for moles or beauty marks in the same area.)

Marylin Lip Piercing

Labret: any piercing below the lower lip.

Centered Labret Piercing

Vertical Labret: a verticle piercing directly through the lower lip in which both ends are visible.

Vertical Style Labret Piercing

Lowbret: this is what very low labret type piercings that rest on the surface of the chin are called.

Lowbret Piercings

Snake Bites: a set of two lower lip piercings, one on either side of the face.

Lower Lip Snakebites Piercing

Spider Bites: a set of two lower lip piercings right next to each other on the same side.

Lower Lip Spider Bites Piercing

Angel Bites: a set of two piercings just above the upper lip, one on either side.

Upper Lip Angel Bites Piercing

Eyes and Cheeks

Eyebrow Piercing: any piercing through the skin of the eyebrow.

Standard Eyebrow Piercing

Anti-eyebrow Piercing: a surface piercing next to the eyebrow or below the outer corner of the eye.

Different Style Anti-Eyebrow Piercings

Eyelid Piercing: this is just what it sounds like; a piercing of the actual eyelid.  It can be done horizontally near the crease like a surface piercing, or be a single piercing through the lid near the lash line.  Amazing, huh?!

Different Style Eyelid Piercings

Dimple Piercing: a piercing through the natural cheek dimple, or in the case of not having dimples, through the spot on the cheek where a dimple would normally be.

Piercings of the Cheeks/Dimples

Join me next time as we take a look at all the different piercings that can be done inside the mouth and on the tongue!

What’s That Called? – Dictionary of Ear Piercings

Ever see a neat or interesting piercing and have to say to yourself, “wow, I wonder what that’s called?”  Well wonder no more!  I’ve compiled a fairly comprehensive list of as many piercings as I could find and what they’re called, and here it is:

We’ll start this time with the ear piercings, because there’s just an absolute ton of cool and interesting ones.

All Different Kinds of Ear Piercings

Ear Lobe Piercing – a regular single piercing through the lobe of the ear.

Ear Lobe Piercing

Horizontal Lobe Piercing (also called Transverse Lobe Piercing) – a piercing through the length of the lobe that lays horizontal.

Horizontal Ear Lobe Piercing

Tragus Piercing – a piercing of the little fleshy nub that covers the ear canal.

Lobe Piercing and Tragus Piercing

Anti-tragus Piercing – a piercing of the fleshy nub that protrudes from the ear rim just across from the tragus.

Ear Piercing of the Anti-Tragus

Conch – a piercing of the hollow or plane of the ear.  (Sometimes this is separated into outer conch and inner conch piercings, so named for which side of the flat portion of the ear they rest on as the two sides are separated by a ridge.)

Inner Ear piercing - Conch

Snug –  a piercing of the inner rim of the ear.

Snug Ear Piercing

Rook – a piercing of the inner rim where it meets the outer rim at the top inside edge of the ear.

Rook Ear Piercing

Orbital – a set of two piercings close together connected with a ring.  (although orbitals can be done in many places, the most common is just inside the outer ear rim.)

Orbit or Obital Ear Piercing

Helix (also called “cartilage piercing“) – any piercing of the outer ear rim itself.

Helix or Upper Cartilage Ear Piercing

Daith – a piercing of the fold of cartilage where the outer rim of the ear meets the face.

Daith Ear Piercing

Industrial (also called scaffold piercing) – any set of two piercings of the outer rim or “helix” of the ear that are connected by a single piece of barbell jewelry.  (There is also a vertical industrial, which is what this piercing is called when it is done completely vertically, usually at the outside edge of the ear or through the middle.)

Industrial or Scaffold Ear Piercings

Stay tuned for next time when I’ll be going over the names and placements of all the facial piercings!