Seeing Everywhere – Dreamcatchers and the Native Mystique

dreamcatcher fashion

So, is it just me, or are there shots of dreamcatcher body jewelry and tattoos literally everywhere you look on the internet right now?  Don’t get me wrong; I love them too.  The whole idea of a mystical object that can catch your nightmares in its hand-woven threads and hold them safely away until sunrise is definitely appealing ( I don’t know about you, but I really could’ve used one as a kid).

Here are some of the cute dreamcatcher jewelry items that I’ve come across:

cute dreamcatcher dangle jewelry

Super cute, right?  I love this seafoam green/ocean blue dreamcatcher belly ring.  The tattoos are pretty amazing too.  They range from tiny (a couple inches), to life-size that might cover a foot, to huge ones that span across the entire back.  Ironically for something that’s so colorful in real life, the monochrome or colorless tattoos seem to be more popular, but every once in a while there’s an awesome blast of bright hues that just blows you away, like the floral one here:

sweet dreamcatcher tattoor art

I’m not sure how long this trend is going to last, but I hope it’s long enough for some even cooler dreamcatcher themed stuff to come out.  I think a dreamcatcher tongue ring would be awesome!

Cycle Chic – Bike Savvy Street Fashion

bicycle driven fashion

Everybody remembers riding their first bike, the thrill of having transportation and shear fun of riding with the wind in your hair. Being a cyclist is more than just a trend, it is a way of life. Bicycles are also more than a swift means of transportation; they are a mainstay of modern urban youth culture and fashion. In urban areas, bikers band together and support this green form of transportation. Bike inspired fashion and jewelry are popping up on runways and street fashion blogs everywhere.

Like your body, one can customize and modify every detail of their bike to fit their every need and style. Fixed gear riding is becoming its own subculture. The bike has a fast and sleek design that allows cyclists to fill their need for speed.  Other bicycle enthusiasts will modify their bikes to extreme levels. These “freak” bikes may include double-decker bikes with two frames, pimped out tricycles, low riders, and many more interesting designs. For those of us who are into both body modification and bicycle modification, Bike Gear Plugs are the perfect addition to your bike savvy wardrobe.

body jewelry with bicycle gears

Cyclist fashion is way beyond neon colored spandex. For hardcore road racers the super hero outfits are still available: skin tight jerseys, padded cycling pants, helmet, and gloves in a matching color. New, stylish clothing is now being made with cyclists in mind. The clothing is made with breathable and reflective fabric to help riders remain visible at night. LED light up earrings and plugs are another great way to get noticed and be safe while riding at night. Waterproof capes and other bike gear are perfect for those of us who ride in any weather. There are also bags made that have extra straps to help keep them fixed to the body and not sway.  And bike themed necklaces are a great way to show off your love for cycling.

cute bike-centric jewelry

If you don’t want to invest in biking specific fashion, tighter fitting jeans are comfortable for the regular rider. Wearing denim cut offs and tank tops is the perfect way to show off your summer skin and stay cool on your bike in the warm weather. Midriff tops are perfect for showing off your belly ring and also keep you cool on your bike, but make sure you wear lots of sun block, especially if you have tattoos.

modified cyclists

Vintage cruiser bikes are popular for leisure riders and in the fashion world. Bike fashion shows are becoming more and more common. Dressing for your destination and not for the journey is the theme taken with a lot of cycle chic hipsters. Tweed rides are bike rides where the participants don vintage inspired wears and bike at a leisurely pace. Think cropped riding pants, blazers, hats, corduroys, dresses, and heels. Pearls and vintage inspired jewelry looks great with classic sportswear. Be careful with billowing dresses that may get caught in the spokes; safety first, fashion second. Belly rings and jewelry featuring vintage bicycles are adorable and feminine additions to any vintage pinup style. Basic silver body jewelry for facial piercings also looks great with this classy look.

classic retro cyclist fashion

I am lucky enough to have the Midnight Bike Ride in my city. Once a week in the summertime a gang of 100+ cyclists meet at the stroke of midnight and ride to designated spots around the city. As far as local cyclist style goes, I noticed a lot of the bike kids in Buffalo are bohemian travelers. This look includes dreadlocks, facial piercings, tattoos, DIY punk clothes, and fitted jeans. Bracelets and necklaces that look like they are made of bike chains go great with this punk look.

Whichever style you choose, biking is a way to regain childhood innocence and gain a new freedom and need to explore. You see things in a different way when you are on a bike. Put down the car keys and strap on your helmet. You will feel better about yourself, help the environment, explore your city in a new way, and get to try out some fabulous functional fashion. Whether you are a bike enthusiast or you are just in it for the style there are plenty of ways to make this look work for you. The look of the modified cyclist is not going away anytime soon.

Daydream Nation – A Tribute to End of Summer Fashion

Ah, Summer.  By far the best of all the seasons.  Warm, hazy, relaxing, magical, and absolutely going to be pined over relentlessly during the impending Winter.  So as Summer fades quietly and softly to a close, lets remember the good times that transpired these past months, shall we?

Summer fun and fashion

What did you do this Summer?  Just hanging out with friends?

Summer fun with friends

Or maybe a little romance.

romantic Summer fun and fashion

Perhaps some new adventures, getting piercings or tattoos.

Summer piercings and tattoos

Or was there an anything-but-typical road trip?  Cars overheating, motels in the desert, the famous Route 66, and all of the beachside bonfires and iced gas station coffee that one person can handle.

hot Summer road trips

Yep.  Summer might be over, but I know that we’ll all be thinking of it every time we rub our gloves together and cling to the thermos that’s saving our cold season sanity.

dreaming of Summer in the chill


Fashion Flash – Modern Nose Piercing

Slave to Symmetry

symmetrical nose and facial piercings

I love when facial piercings in particular are kept symmetrical.  It’s a very fresh and fun look, and in many cases fakes a look of symmetry to the face (which as we all know, nobody’s face is perfectly symmetrical).  It seems to work particularly well with nose piercings involved.

Super Stretched

cool stretched nose and septum piercings

I’ve always been incredibly fascinated by the stretching of nose piercings.  It seems like the flesh of a lip piercing or an ear piercing would be relatively easy to stretch because of its texture, elasticity, and general degree of pliability.  But for cartilage piercings like those in the nose, it looks like it would be decently tough!  Kudos nostril and septum stretchers!


Indian style nose jewelry

Ah, the Indian style nose hoop.  Is there anything cooler?  Remember back in 2010 when every celebrity in the world seemed to be so into this?  I think the best thing about this style is that in varying degrees pretty much anybody can pull it off.  (Love the chains too.)

Celebrity Style – Why We Love Adele

Adele Adkins.  She’s a maverick woman about town, a well of endless beauty across the realms of the visceral and ephemeral, and a force to be reckoned with.  Possessed equally of polish and punch, it’s easy to see why the world at large is contentedly doting on our latest crush.  She has a voice like a lark and a classically lovely face, but I’ll confess that what has me personally smitten, is her taste in earrings.

Adele's marvelous earrings

Adele’s overall style is undeniably vintage, and in music, maquillage, and general taste, the woman obviously shows a penchant for paired down sixties flare.  But it’s what hangs from those petite, pale, and feminine ears that tells the real fashion story.  In reality this porcelain princess shows a much more grown up and diverse retro aesthetic than many of her American counterparts, effortlessly incorporating designs that encompass everything from 1940’s to 1970’s, and all gently tweaked with a modern twist.

Retro Earring Styles

Perhaps the most empowering aspect of the world’s love affair with the British songstress though, is that in a world where thin is in, she makes no apologies for her vivacious curves, and we couldn’t be more delighted.  Fast becoming considered as one of the most beautiful women in music, Adele shows no signs of slowing down, having graced the cover of every magazine imaginable including Cosmo, Vogue, Rolling Stone, More, Out, Glamour, Scarlet, the Gentlewoman, Elle, Q, and more than one issue of Billboard.

Earrings style like Adele's

So why do we love Adele?  Why wouldn’t we?

New Piercing Trends – the Valley Piercing

You might be wondering what exactly a valley piercing is, but the second you hear it, the name will automatically make sense to you.  This a surface that rests just over the tailbone; basically, right above the center of your derrière.

Tail Bone Piercing

Much like surface piercings of the hips and abdomen, valley piercing started off relatively slowly before beginning a meteoric rise to the top for one very important reason: function.  The piercing itself and the choice of available surface jewelry make the perfect accent to lower back tattoos, just like surface piercing of the stomach accent tattooing or navel piercings.  And oh what an accent!

Tattoos Accented by Lower Back piercing

Although the majority of valley piercings are simple and discreet, some choices of gems and coloring will definitely make the lower back stand out in a crowd.  Just look at the possibilities!

Different Valley Piercing Jewelry Styles

Because of their location, valleys take slightly longer on average to heal than hip piercings, and the risk of migration or rejection is about on par with piercings meant for corsetry.  But aftercare is fairly mundane, and because this piercing hasn’t hit the mainstream yet in the stricter sense of the word, there’s definitely fun to be had when it gets noticed.  Generally these are worn as either a movable barbell or a dermal.

Neat Dermals for Valley Piercings

Now all we need is needles specially made to pierce the tender flesh above our behinds, and there’ll be no limit to the popularity of this interesting and feminine slice of body modification.

Found – Best Holiday Belly Rings

So, everyone wants a little something special and fun to wear for the Holidays that’s unique and different right?  And especially in places where the weather remains above freezing all year long, more and more that special and interesting item is a belly button ring.  Well, in my search for my own amazing Christmas belly jewelry, I came across some of the cutest, most amazing, and one of a kind new styles, and after my journey was over, If figure, why not share?

Christmas Belly Piercing Jewelry

This is hands down one of the neatest new navel jewelry styles I have ever seen, and even though it’s pretty neat and new, there’s already enough of a variety out there that you might just want to grab three or four.  (I know I did.)  It’s called a super spiral, but I called super cute!

Wacky Cool Spiralled Belly Rings

The other new style that I came across that was super Christmasy and super fun involves actual jingle bells hanging from the belly ring.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  This probably isn’t the most discreet.  But the little bit of noise these beauties give off is actual part of their charm.  It’s really festive.

Belly Rings with Dangling Jingle Bells

And last but not least, here are a few new updates of old standards.  Have I mentioned how in love I am with snowflakes?  What could be better for Christmas than a touch of crystal, shine, jingle, and a little snow?

Christmas Belly Rings

Happy Holidays!

Body Jewelry Parties- Cool Holiday Fun

The Holiday season is officially in full swing, and if your family’s like mine, the planning (more like nefarious plotting) of countless Holiday get-togethers has already begun.  So where’s your piece of the action?  I know mine will probably be with an awesomely fun body jewelry party.

Body Jewelry Party

Even if all you have pierced is your ears, a piercing or jewelry party is a cool and interesting way to reconnect with friends you may have lost touch with since last year’s festivities.  You’ll hear great stories about piercings and tattoos people have gotten in the past year, get gift ideas from friends and family members who attend, and have the opportunity to save yourself and your pals some green on new items you might want or need.  Plus, it’s the perfect excuse for a Holiday hang-out session.

Here’s the idea:

1. Start by playing a few fun games.  One of my favorites is The Guess Game, where you basically go from person to person and everyone gets to guess how many piercings and/or tattoos that person has.  Whoever guesses each round right or gets closest wins a little goodie bag with cute body jewelry or aftercare products inside.  Another fun one is Truth or Lies, where everyone tells an amazing, hilarious, or outlandish story about piercing, tatts, or body mod and you have to guess whether it’s true or not.

Bag full of aftercare products

2. Use the theme in fun ways.  For example, different colored flexible horseshoe rings make adorable stemware charms.  That way everyone knows which glass is theirs, and they get to take home a piece of jewelry when they leave.

Bioplast Horseshoe Charms

Other neat ways to incorporate the body modification motif?  Use floral cocktail rings as decorations and napkin holders, or use custom earrings with people’s names on them to draw for door prizes or decide who’s turn is next in games.  (These adorable stockings are just $8.99 a pair!)

Personalized Stocking Earrings

3. Save everyone a little money with a virtual shopping trip.  By loading a Paypal account or Visa gift card and then shopping together online, you can save big.  Large orders will almost always qualify for free regular shipping and special Holiday deals, and coupon codes can take off up to 20% on top of sale prices.  Plus, when buying in groups, you can take advantage of bonus pack deals and then split the pack when it arrives, and by shipping everything to a single location, you have a built in excuse to see everyone who orders again soon.

Another thing that I like to do is provide some adorable gift boxes for people to put the prizes they’ve won in to take home.  That way you make sure that noone looses any of those teensy pieces.

Body Jewelry Gift Boxes

Alternative Holiday parties aren’t just fun, they’re fabulous!

11-11-11 – A Centennial Celebration That Rocks

Is today your lucky day?  Whether it is or not it’s time to celebrate one of the funnest unofficial Holidays around: Nigel Tufnel Day.

Nigel Tufnel's unofficial holiday

Nigel Tufnel is the fictional guitarist character from 1984’s rockin mocumentary, “This is Spinal Tap.”  More importantly though, he’s the guy who likes to “turn it up to eleven.”  Turning it up to eleven is most certainly a music reference, “it” being the amplifier attached to his flying V electric guitar, but in the past few days since the holiday has been firmly established, this fiery catch phrase has taken on a whole new meaning.

Turning it up to 11

Turning it up to eleven means giving it your best and then some, getting louder than loud (literally and figuratively), and just having an awesome time.  It’s about taking everything you do and bumping it up that extra notch.  And for those of us who have a stereo and like the metal music that drew us to the Spinal Tap movie in the first place, well, lets hope your model is like mine and has a volume knob that goes higher than ten.

Rock out like Nigel Tufnel

For people who are pierced and tattooed, tonight is the once in a lifetime opportunity to party like it’s full of elevens, literally.  Since the 11/11/11 date won’t come around again until the year 2111, less than one percent of the people currently alive on the planet will live to see it, and most of those were born in the past two weeks.

So rev it up, bring the noise, overdo all things rock and roll, and don’t forget to riff a slammin solo for your man Nigel Tufnel, as you turn it up to eleven.

Celebrity Piercing Style – Why We Love Rooney Mara

Popular Pierced Actress Rooney Mara

When newcomer Rooney Mara won the coveted role of Lisbeth Salander in the English Language remake of 2009’s acclaimed Swedish film “the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” nobody could have guessed what was in the cards for alternative fashion at the hands of this twist of fate.

Rooney Mara's Magazine Cover Shots

Many people may recognize Rooney, 26, from her roles in the 2010 blockbusters “The Social Network” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” and those that do will likely remember her looking a little something like this:

Rooney Mara before her transformation

So what’s changed since her days playing a cute, average teenage girl?  Well, for starters, this powerhouse actress took the ultimate plunge to delve into her role as the pierced, tattooed, and mohawked character, Lisbeth: she got pierced.

a pierced Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander

Now, you may be shrugging in that “so what?” kind of way, but when we say “pierced,” we’re actually talking about several rather painful piercings, all at once!  That’s right.  Miss Mara got over a dozen piercings in all, including four holes in each ear and piercings of the lip, nose, septum, eyebrow, and nipple.  And, as aforementioned, most of them were done at the same time.  Prior to her transformation, the budding actress didn’t even have her ear lobes pierced.

Rooney also had her eyebrows bleached, lost a few pounds to allow her a more androgynous look as Lisbeth, and got her hair cut, shaved, and dyed stark black.  Talk about a new look.

Rooney Mara as pierced character Lisbeth

Her real life jewelry style closely mirrors that of her new cinematic persona, except that while the character is often seen in more elaborate and edgy earrings, the actress’s own style is a little more forgiving, often wearing smaller and simpler silver tone hoops.

character Lisbeth's ear piercing styleLisbeth Style EarringsLisbeth Style Spiral Tapers

Rooney Mara Style Hoop Earrings

Although generally not known to show off her lip or nose rings in public, Mara has been seen rocking her eyebrow ring, which again (being more of the same) is a simple curved steel barbell.

Rooney Mara Style Steel Barbell Eyebrow Rings

As for regular jewelry, scenes from the film show Lisbeth wearing dog tag necklaces and oodles of gorgeous circa-1980-punk style bracelets in everything from nylon, to metals, leather, and a cacophony of studs and spikes.

Lisbeth Style Bracelets and Leather Studded Belts

For the most part, it’s hard to tell where Lisbeth ends and the actress begins in the middle of a promotional media frenzy and countless magazine spreads, but whichever way you slice it, it’s hard at the moment not to have a girl crush on Rooney Mara.