Fall Body Mod and Jewelry- Talkin Turkey

brilliant Fall fashion

Watching Fall style evolve around this years Pantone Institute color “Tangerine Tango” has been super fun ( not to mention beautifully bright), but with Thanksgiving coming up in a few days, there’s been a lot of interesting turkey-day-based fashion too.  Just check this out.

amazing turkey art tatts

Best…turkey…art…EVER!  I never thought that a giant tattoo of a turkey would be something I’d be interested in, but these works of art created by talented tattooists have totally changed my opinion.  I love the bright colors, the blend of realism and detail cartooning, and of course the beautiful Autumn elements they’ve brought into the backgrounds.  Absolutely stunning.

funky turkey feather earrings

And these sweet ideas for ear jewelry made with turkey feathers are perfect for dolling up during a season of snow.  (I don’t know about you, but when the temperature drops, my ears are just about the only skin that remains exposed.  So chilly!)

awesome orange hairdos

Which brings us back to the tangerine for a moment.  Orange is a very turkey color, and it’s absolutely amazing how many truly gorgeous orange hairdos have been showing up this season.  Fresh, energetic, and definitely unexpected, I’m lovin’ the fearlessness going on in the alternative fashion world right now.  Have a great Thanksgiving, and don’t forget to spill your own favorite part of Turkey Day fashion in the comments

Halloween – Jewelry, Makeup and Vampires

It’s time again for Halloween, and with everything floating around the modification and alternative fashion world right now, I decided to pull some of my favorite picks.  Here we go:

awesome creepy piercings and tattoo art


Check out this super fun Halloween ear jewelry.  I love the idea of wearing plugs that look like a jack o’ lantern.

fun black and orange ear jewelry

And for people who don’t have their ears pierced, cuff jewelry is perfect, like these fun little Day of the Dead style charms.

cute skull and flower cuffs


flirty zombie Halloween makeup

A lot of makeup styles are really popular this year, especially amongst the modified community, but I think sexy zombies, sugar skull faces, and pop art makeup based on the artwork of Roy Lichtenstein top the list.

pretty Day of the Dead style skull face makeup

Plus, they’re easy to replicate, and there’s fun makeup tutorials all over the internet in print and on video to help anyone get these looks.

Roy Lichtenstein cartoon style makeup


cute vampire girl snarling

I guess we can blame the Twilight franchise for vampisms continuing their amazing popularity, but there’s definitely an upside to it: hyper-availability of cute and kitschy vamp jewelry.  Tell me that you love this necklace as much as I do!

vampire bite jewelry and tattoosvampire bloody dripping bite necklace

And finally, my prediction for most popular Halloween costume this year: Snow White.

pretty pierced girl dressed as SNow White

Even though we can definitely expect to see more black swan dancers, corpse brides, Snookies, and super heroes, I think that Snow White (especially hilariously naughty takes) is primed to blow up huge this year.  Let me know what you think will be the most popular/best costume for 2012 in the comments.


Kiss Me I’m Irish – St. Patrick’s Day Body Piercings

Maybe it’s the three B’s (balloons, beads, and beer), that make Saint Patrick’s Day one of the best holidays of the year, or maybe it’s the amazing fashion that shows off our Irish heritage.  For those who are Irish, and many who aren’t, this fun and festive celebration provides the perfect opportunity to let loose and doll up.  More people every year are dressing up for Saint Patty’s including gorgeous makeup, flirty accessories, and awesome costumes.  Green?  You betcha.  Shamrocks?  Uh-huh.  And body jewelry?  Definitely!

cute green haired girl with piercings

With so much cute and clover-centric piercing jewelry available on the market, it would be practically sinful not to show off our love of all things Irish with a fun lip ring, some flirty ear plugs, or a dangerously beautiful belly ring.  Afterall, piercings are about self expression, right?  Just check out these super sweet ways that other celebrants are putting their best Patty’s Day fashion foot forward:

St Patty's body jewelry

Do you love the shamrock industrial as much as I do?  Another thing that’s super cute is these fun plugs:

cute Irish and shamrock ear plugs

Seriously, they make we want to stretch my ears just so that I can wear them.  Be sure to let me know what your favorite Saint Patrick’s Day body jewelry is in the comments, and keep the fun Irish fashion coming this St. Patty’s Day.

I Heart Valentines Day – Hearts and Piercing Culture

Valentines Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by having a virtual party featuring one of my favorite things: the heart!

Alternative Valentines Day

Hearts and piercing culture have long been interwoven, especially in the world of pierced retro pinups and fabulously fun scene girls.  A symbol of romance, sweetness, and youthful femininity, it’s no wonder that the phrase “we love it,” has been almost entirely replaced by “we heart it.”  And just so everyone knows, I happen to heart hearts!

cool heart-centric piercings

From dermal piercings, shaped and stretched lobes, and sassy circular lip rings, to body art, color tattoos, and everything else involved in alternative culture, one of the most prevalent and universal motifs in the world and the alt world is the heart.  So much so that all of us seem to love it, even when it’s broken.

Heart body art and mods

So I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ll definitely be spending this Valentine’s Day having a seriously heart filled celebration.  (And a heart shaped box of chocolates might not be so bad either.) ♥

Piercing Beauty – the New Evolution of Nail Art

All of us ladies are interested in our nails, whether it’s just keeping our natural nails healthy, or going for broke with a set of extremely artsy falsies.  It seems like nail art trends speed by like a freight train, shooting from gem encrusted acrylics, to texture focused crackles, press-on ombre enamel strips, and back again.  But the newest nail decoration trend might just be the funnest yet, and may be breaking the cycle of here today, gone tomorrow fingernail fancy.  I’m talking about pierced nails.

Geisha Art Nails

Nail piercing can be done with both fake nails and real nails, and many places that offer it professionally pierce acrylic nails with a drill.  The jewelry used can be anything from a small gauge captive ring to a spring-loaded hoop, with some who practice the art at home even designing their own pieces using jump rings and less traditional piercing jewelry.  Some of the most popular styles are dangling gems that match color nail art, crystal studs, and regular stainless steel hoops.

Art Nails with Piercings

There are even how-to designs out there for creating special nail art with piercings for birthdays and holidays.  Just check out this sweet set of ultra-femme Valentine’s themed fingertips:

Pierced Fingernail Art for Valentines Day

Pretty cute, huh?  And since the nail piercing process itself is entirely temporary and painless, there’s no reason that all of us can’t indulge in a little nail-centric alternative beauty.

Crystal Dangle Style Captive Rings

Celebrity Style – Why We Love Adele

Adele Adkins.  She’s a maverick woman about town, a well of endless beauty across the realms of the visceral and ephemeral, and a force to be reckoned with.  Possessed equally of polish and punch, it’s easy to see why the world at large is contentedly doting on our latest crush.  She has a voice like a lark and a classically lovely face, but I’ll confess that what has me personally smitten, is her taste in earrings.

Adele's marvelous earrings

Adele’s overall style is undeniably vintage, and in music, maquillage, and general taste, the woman obviously shows a penchant for paired down sixties flare.  But it’s what hangs from those petite, pale, and feminine ears that tells the real fashion story.  In reality this porcelain princess shows a much more grown up and diverse retro aesthetic than many of her American counterparts, effortlessly incorporating designs that encompass everything from 1940’s to 1970’s, and all gently tweaked with a modern twist.

Retro Earring Styles

Perhaps the most empowering aspect of the world’s love affair with the British songstress though, is that in a world where thin is in, she makes no apologies for her vivacious curves, and we couldn’t be more delighted.  Fast becoming considered as one of the most beautiful women in music, Adele shows no signs of slowing down, having graced the cover of every magazine imaginable including Cosmo, Vogue, Rolling Stone, More, Out, Glamour, Scarlet, the Gentlewoman, Elle, Q, and more than one issue of Billboard.

Earrings style like Adele's

So why do we love Adele?  Why wouldn’t we?

Found – Best Holiday Belly Rings

So, everyone wants a little something special and fun to wear for the Holidays that’s unique and different right?  And especially in places where the weather remains above freezing all year long, more and more that special and interesting item is a belly button ring.  Well, in my search for my own amazing Christmas belly jewelry, I came across some of the cutest, most amazing, and one of a kind new styles, and after my journey was over, If figure, why not share?

Christmas Belly Piercing Jewelry

This is hands down one of the neatest new navel jewelry styles I have ever seen, and even though it’s pretty neat and new, there’s already enough of a variety out there that you might just want to grab three or four.  (I know I did.)  It’s called a super spiral, but I called super cute!

Wacky Cool Spiralled Belly Rings

The other new style that I came across that was super Christmasy and super fun involves actual jingle bells hanging from the belly ring.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  This probably isn’t the most discreet.  But the little bit of noise these beauties give off is actual part of their charm.  It’s really festive.

Belly Rings with Dangling Jingle Bells

And last but not least, here are a few new updates of old standards.  Have I mentioned how in love I am with snowflakes?  What could be better for Christmas than a touch of crystal, shine, jingle, and a little snow?

Christmas Belly Rings

Happy Holidays!

Coolest Piercings We’ve Ever Seen – Holiday Edition

In this edition of coolest piercings we’ve ever seen: dermals go deer-like, candy canes get repurposed, and fancy Holiday body jewelry gets taken to an entirely new level.

Cute Holiday Candy Cane Piercings

So most of us have seen some weird and interesting things come out of the world of dermal jewelry, but when did horns suddenly go mainstream?  That’s right, it’s now not only normal, but actually kind of cute to have microdermal, transdermal, or even subdermal horns.  The thing that translates so well into pop culture is that the horns themselves (at least those that have become fairly popular) are less outlandish and frightening, and more innocent and fawn-like.  Horns = cute…..who knew?

Reindeer Horn Piercing

Next on our list: candy canes become multi-purpose.  Okay, so stretching of the ear is nothing new, but the thing that makes this especially cool isn’t the piercing itself, but the choice of jewelry.  You might be thinking that this is so much less extreme than what I usually feature, but there’s no denying that everyone who sees this is going to wish that they thought of it.  I know I do!  Looking cute for the Holidays and having a built in snack?  Pretty sweet.

Candy Canes in Stretched Lobes

And finally, the best has been saved for last.  It’s beautiful, it’s bionic, it’s….really attached?  The answer to that question is a resounding yes.  The newest and most interesting thing to hit body piercing since the invention of the curved piercing needle gives seriously new meaning to the phrase “body jewelry.”  This unique method of body mod uses dermal anchors and surface bars to attach beautiful metal plating to the skin.  Most often paired with ink in celestial or tribal designs, this fun and fancy new form of super-piercing lets you go all out when the occasion calls for it, and then remove layers of bling when it’s time to relax.

Dermal Plate Piercings

Now that’s got to be one of the coolest piercings you’ve ever seen, right?

Body Jewelry Parties- Cool Holiday Fun

The Holiday season is officially in full swing, and if your family’s like mine, the planning (more like nefarious plotting) of countless Holiday get-togethers has already begun.  So where’s your piece of the action?  I know mine will probably be with an awesomely fun body jewelry party.

Body Jewelry Party

Even if all you have pierced is your ears, a piercing or jewelry party is a cool and interesting way to reconnect with friends you may have lost touch with since last year’s festivities.  You’ll hear great stories about piercings and tattoos people have gotten in the past year, get gift ideas from friends and family members who attend, and have the opportunity to save yourself and your pals some green on new items you might want or need.  Plus, it’s the perfect excuse for a Holiday hang-out session.

Here’s the idea:

1. Start by playing a few fun games.  One of my favorites is The Guess Game, where you basically go from person to person and everyone gets to guess how many piercings and/or tattoos that person has.  Whoever guesses each round right or gets closest wins a little goodie bag with cute body jewelry or aftercare products inside.  Another fun one is Truth or Lies, where everyone tells an amazing, hilarious, or outlandish story about piercing, tatts, or body mod and you have to guess whether it’s true or not.

Bag full of aftercare products

2. Use the theme in fun ways.  For example, different colored flexible horseshoe rings make adorable stemware charms.  That way everyone knows which glass is theirs, and they get to take home a piece of jewelry when they leave.

Bioplast Horseshoe Charms

Other neat ways to incorporate the body modification motif?  Use floral cocktail rings as decorations and napkin holders, or use custom earrings with people’s names on them to draw for door prizes or decide who’s turn is next in games.  (These adorable stockings are just $8.99 a pair!)

Personalized Stocking Earrings

3. Save everyone a little money with a virtual shopping trip.  By loading a Paypal account or Visa gift card and then shopping together online, you can save big.  Large orders will almost always qualify for free regular shipping and special Holiday deals, and coupon codes can take off up to 20% on top of sale prices.  Plus, when buying in groups, you can take advantage of bonus pack deals and then split the pack when it arrives, and by shipping everything to a single location, you have a built in excuse to see everyone who orders again soon.

Another thing that I like to do is provide some adorable gift boxes for people to put the prizes they’ve won in to take home.  That way you make sure that noone looses any of those teensy pieces.

Body Jewelry Gift Boxes

Alternative Holiday parties aren’t just fun, they’re fabulous!

11-11-11 – A Centennial Celebration That Rocks

Is today your lucky day?  Whether it is or not it’s time to celebrate one of the funnest unofficial Holidays around: Nigel Tufnel Day.

Nigel Tufnel's unofficial holiday

Nigel Tufnel is the fictional guitarist character from 1984’s rockin mocumentary, “This is Spinal Tap.”  More importantly though, he’s the guy who likes to “turn it up to eleven.”  Turning it up to eleven is most certainly a music reference, “it” being the amplifier attached to his flying V electric guitar, but in the past few days since the holiday has been firmly established, this fiery catch phrase has taken on a whole new meaning.

Turning it up to 11

Turning it up to eleven means giving it your best and then some, getting louder than loud (literally and figuratively), and just having an awesome time.  It’s about taking everything you do and bumping it up that extra notch.  And for those of us who have a stereo and like the metal music that drew us to the Spinal Tap movie in the first place, well, lets hope your model is like mine and has a volume knob that goes higher than ten.

Rock out like Nigel Tufnel

For people who are pierced and tattooed, tonight is the once in a lifetime opportunity to party like it’s full of elevens, literally.  Since the 11/11/11 date won’t come around again until the year 2111, less than one percent of the people currently alive on the planet will live to see it, and most of those were born in the past two weeks.

So rev it up, bring the noise, overdo all things rock and roll, and don’t forget to riff a slammin solo for your man Nigel Tufnel, as you turn it up to eleven.