Holiday Style Inspiration For The Pierced & Proud

Holiday time brings out everyone’s festive side. But with all of the stress of holiday shopping, end of the semester exams, work deadlines, and trying to fit in family time, sometimes we forget to show ourselves a little TLC. Why not take some of that goodwill you’re feeling towards others and invest a bit in cultivating a surprisingly cool holiday look for yourself?


Ugly Christmas Sweater Swag:

Ugly Christmas Sweater Swag

For the all the nerds (and closet nerds) out there! Ugly Christmas sweaters have become a fashionable statement within pop culture. If your mind isn’t with the sci-fi geeks, there’s always comfy, cozy sweaters with holiday prints like reindeer and snowflakes. Trust me, showing up to a holiday party in something like this will make people jealous of your holiday cheer, even if you’re the grinchiest of people this time of year.


Simple As a Snowflake:

Simple As a Snowflake

Sometimes going all out for Christmas can feel a tad bit tacky. Instead of displaying your holiday style loudly, add a bit of sparkle here and there. Try adding some snowflakes to your nails if you’ve got the patience. A toothpick and some white nail polish can create a just left the salon look! Mix some pastels, silver and white into your makeup routine for a little tiny pop of holiday spirit.


Life Of The Holiday Party:

Life of the Holiday Party

For style that says “Look at me!” there’s one golden rule: Glitter! Sparkling gems aren’t always enough to complete a holiday party look, so embrace your inner diva and bring out the glitter. The bonus is your holiday style can be Christmas party perfect, and with a few extra sequins, you’re ready for New Year’s Eve too!

It’s Almost October… Here’s Some Halloween Style Inspiration

It’s almost October 1st, and we all know what that means. It’s time to let your inner witchy girl out. Evil or fun? Skeletons or ghouls? You can wear all of your favorite Halloween things… and you can even put ’em in your piercings!

Halloween Body Jewelry

What about some spooky makeup trends? Metallic lip color is all the rage right now! If you’re not feeling adventurous, nudes are always in. A glistening highlight, some perfect wings and you’ve got an awesome Halloween look, with or without a costume.

Fawn Makeup Red Lips Halloween Winged EyelinerOpalite Moonstone Stone Plugs TunnelsNatural Makeup Nude Lips Shimmer Metallic Pink

You can also keep it simple with black body jewelry that you can wear year round. Not everyone wants a spider web hanging from their ear, but a sparkling black diamond in your nose is just as bold!

Blackline Titanium Body Jewelry

What are some of your favorite fall and Halloween inspired looks this year?

Freaky Friday – America’s Obsession with Friday the 13th

obsessed with Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th.  It’s lucky, it’s unlucky, it’s purely superstition (it’s tomorrow, by the way).  It seems like pop culture has been trying to figure out whether to hide in our houses or throw down on a stack of lottery tickets for literally decades.  From Jason Voorhees, to the lore surrounding “lucky 13” ink, we’re totally obsessed with this creeptastic pseudo-holiday.

 the number 13 stigma

So why is the number 13 such a big deal?  In modern times it’s attached to classic American superstition, gambling luck, and various factions of pure math and the dreaded number theory.  13 is a prime number, a Bell number, a Fibonacci number (look into these if you want to see some amazing mathematics).  But the idea of thirteen being evil or unlucky can be traced back to the illuminati, or even to biblical times.  (The number of persons present at the last supper before the crucifixion was 13: Christ, plus his twelve disciples.)

 Keep Calm on Friday the 13th

And is Friday the 13th a good or bad day to get pierced, tattooed, branded, etc?  Why not a good day?!  For many of us the number 13 is attached to good luck.  And that would be especially cool if you were getting a “lucky 13” tattoo.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely gonna have some fun tomorrow, instead of buying into all the gloom and doom superstitions.  So happy Friday the 13th everybody!  I hope you enjoy yours like I plan to enjoy mine.

Fabulous Florals and a Magical Modified Prom

piercings and tattoos at the prom

Prom is coming up, and for any of us ladies who are modified it can be both an exciting, and a trying time.  Afterall, not all of us are “evening gown ready,” and for some it can be difficult to feel comfy in our skin, especially if we’re a member of what (in most schools) constitutes a tiny minority.  Not a lot of high schoolers have multiple tattoos, large gauge stretched ears, or several noticeable piercings.  But you don’t have to be self-conscious, and thanks to a growing “accept us as we are” movement, the prom can be the perfect time to let your mods take center stage.

go strapless or spaghetti to show off tattoos

A strapless or spaghetti strap prom dress is a great way to show off upper body tatts.  Just be sure that you moisturize well for about a week before so that your skin looks its best, and stay away from sunless tanner, which can make your tattoo’s coloring look a little off.  If you really need to have a tan, just mix some bronzer into your favorite light lotion, or buy an instant bronzing cream.

piercings and stretched ears at prom

For ladies with piercings, especially if your ear piercings are stretched, this can be your chance to glam them up with gems or sparkles.  If you’re not sure how to coordinate multiple facial piercings, a good rule of thumb is to choose a single piercing to focus on with bling, and wear subtle jewelry in most of the others.  For a little extra femme, here are some great floral ideas for stretched ears:

sweet floral plug styles for prom

So have an awesome and one-of-a-kind prom girls, and show off your awesome mods!

Saint Patrick’s Day – Irish Pride

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everybody

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!  Even if you aren’t Irish, the holiday is still super fun (and it’s a great excuse to party hearty), but for all of us who are of Irish descent, it’s especially important to celebrate our heritage.  That’s why I’m so in love with the fact that more and more Irish pride stuff is becoming available.

show off your Irishness

You can find things that are really girly (for all of us Irish princesses out there), and items that are more unisex, but no matter what you wear, it’s awesome to let the world know how proud you are of your Irishness.  And not just for Saint Patrick’s Day!  I don’t know about you, but I wear my claddagh rings and my “irish girl” earrings all year.  So even if you can’t trace your Irish roots back to the seventeen hundreds like I can, it’s still cool to be loud and proud.  (And sometimes it earns you a free drink too.)  😉

So get your Irish on people, and have an awesome St. Patty’s Day!

What We Heart Now – Tunnel of Love

heart shaped ear jewelry for Valentine's Daymodel: Iris Lys, plugs by David Oakley

At this point I’m assuming that everyone has seen at least one really cool looking heart tunnel or plug that they absolutely had to have.  There’s new styles popping up all of the time, and the bigger this trend gets, the more interesting and outside-the box the jewelry becomes.  It’s almost like we’ve opened up the Pandora’s Box of neat new ear treats, and now that it’s done, there’s no putting a lid on it!

Some of them are heart-shaped solid material, while others are standard circular plugs with heart shape cutouts, or even circular cutouts with heart charms set inside.  Silicone, natural stone, acrylic, wood; the list of materials and styles goes on, and with so much out there just waiting to be worn, it’s pretty much impossible to not find at least one that you’re into.

cool heart plug ear jewelry

What type of heart plugs have you gotten your hands on lately?  Let me know in the comments, and have a happy heart day this Valentine’s Friday!

5 Tips to Surviving the Holidaze in Style

tips to survive the season

With the Christmas season starting earlier and earlier each year it is hard to keep calm and relax. It seems that holiday music is playing the day after Halloween (or even sooner). Stores have their Christmas section up by the end of September for goodness sake. The world is obsessed. Is the season of giving just giving you a headache? Here are some tips for bringing the cheer back into your life, keeping the stress levels down, and making the best out of this chaotic time of year.

1)  Get a new piercing or tattoo right now! Put down the mouse, pick up the phone, and call your piercer or tattoo artist right now to make your next appointment; it’s absolutely crucial for your holiday survival. It is proven that getting piercings and tattoos gives you a rush of natural endorphins that makes you happy and less stressed out. Plus this is the best time of year to get some new mods anyways. Your body is less exposed to elements such as sun and chlorinated water (from swimming pools). Plus, piercings and tattoos make you feel more confident, and therefore ready to take on the craziness. It’s important to pamper yourself, do what feels good, and do something that you want to do. You deserve it. Beat the after holiday/New Year’s rush; you’ll thank me later.

 get your new mods in the winter

2)  Buy yourself presents! Although this is called the season of giving, you have to make sure to remember yourself. Retail therapy is important to getting through the holiday season. Just don’t go too crazy. Here are some tips to maximizing your shopping without breaking the bank: first, does your best friend want a new belly ring this year? Get one for you and one for her! Consider getting a best friends set, so that way you’re spending one lower amount and getting a new belly ring too. Having matching jewelry with a friend is also special and fun!

 get matching friend jewelry

3)  Don’t let your family get under your skin! Like me I’m sure that you are probably the black sheep of your family in some regard. Sometimes family members can give you a hard time about your looks because they do not have anything better to say.  For instance, if your aunt is giving you guff about your new lip piercing or larger sized earlobes, don’t bark back at her with some snotty remark. Just count to ten and think about it from her perspective; her generation is just not as used to the body modification culture as ours is. Educate her. Explain to her that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but your mods make you feel beautiful, and you don’t require her approval.

 let them know mods make you feel beautiful

4)  Be a smart shopper! Sign up for e-mails from any online stores you want to shop at this year. Hint: they’ll send you exclusive coupons and sales. Using coupons and taking advantage of great deals will maximize your budget and make it possible to get something for your whole list and still have money left over for yourself. Shop Clearance and look at newly reduced items to get amazing deals on the items you want most too.

 sign up online for deals

5)  Treat yourself right! Take care of your piercings, exercise, don’t over-indulge, get plenty of sleep, and don’t forget to laugh. It’s easy to slack on aftercare, drink and eat too much at parties, and let yourself lose sleep. Indulging may temporarily ease the holiday blues, but it can also lead to feelings of guilt and dissatisfaction later.

Remember, the holidays only come once a year and only last for a few weeks. If you follow these 5 tips, you might just find this year to be more joyful and less stressful. Do you have any tips for holiday survival? Share in the comments!

Halloween Costumes for the Modified – She’s the Man

females costuming as male characters

The modified generation is raising the bar for true equality, so why would all of us modified missies stick with traditionally female costumes?  Some of the coolest characters in our lives are male, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to play the part.  Just check out all these awesome male characters that are being given a breath of fresh air and a pinch of pizzazz by modified ladies around the world:

Alice in Wonderland

This an awesome story no matter which way you slice it, especially since the punchy protagonist is a chick!  Aside from the devilish Queen of Hearts though, most of the other awesome characters are male.  It’s totally okay though, because some of neatest Alice in Wonderland costumes for women are, believe it or not, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, and the Cheshire Cat.  Just check ’em out.  Seriously hot, cool, and creepy, right?

 repurposing male wonderland characters

The Marvel Universe

In the world of Marvel and DC comics, there are plenty of female characters, but unfortunately most of them are secondary characters.  Bat girl, Supergirl, Spidergirl… For all of us pierced and tatted hotties who want to be the star of the show instead of playing sidekick to a rippling superhero, there’s nothing wrong with wearing the same exact thing that your fave male hero wears.  It’s great that there are “female versions” of a lot of hero and villain costumes, but just because we’re ladies doesn’t mean there has to be a skirt.

 reinterpreting male comic book heroes and villains

Tim Burton

Tim Burton has created a world teaming with female stars, and for that we thank him more than morbid words can say, but who can resist wanting to be all of the subjects in his awesome creative masterpieces?  Three male Burton characters that win my vote for female cross-over: Edward Scissorhands, Jack Skellington, and Beetlejuice.  If you’re planning to pull that last one though, remember to get your hair nice and big.  (We wouldn’t want anyone to think that you’re supposed to be Robin Thicke.)

female versions of male Burton characters

Awesome Irish Body Art

Saint Patricks Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is almost here, and to celebrate I’ve decided to take a look at all of the awesome green, clover, and Irish-centric body piercings and art that make me so happy to be Irish!

cute green hair styles

Even if you’re not Irish even 1% though, you can’t tell me that you don’t absolutely love the beauty of green hair.  As long as the color compliments the skin and eyes of the person wearing it, green hair can look absolutely stunning, especially when it brings out the color in tattoos.

Green Body Jewelry

Green body jewelry is pretty sweet to though, and I love the versatility.  With so many different shades of green (emerald, aqua, forest, kelly, lime…) the possibilities are practically endless, and when you pick the right hue, it can go with just about everything.  And that brings us to my personal favorite piece of Irish/Celtic body mod: the green tattoo.  Clovers, love knots, infinity knots, claddaghs (the crowned heart and hands); all of them are amazing and perfectly show off Irish heritage.  I’ve even been thinking about getting a lucky clover tattoo myself.  What do you guys think?

cool Irish tattoo art motifsThe beautiful claddagh tattoos in the center are (left to right) by Aaron of Neo Soul, and Marc Durrant of MD Tattoo Studio.

Whether you’re super Irish or not even close, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, and if you have Celtic tattoos, I hope you show them off all weekend!

Alternative Holiday Fashion- Season of the Snowflake

Alternative Winter Style

Even though it’s entirely too cold (I live in the wonderful state of New York), I still love Winter, and especially the holiday season.  Sure, there’s absolutely ridiculous traffic jams and every time I go shopping it feels like a rerun of The Hunger Games (every woman for herself), but it’s worth it for good food and amazing Winter fashion.

beautiful snowy white hair styles

Like the whole white hair thing.  Love it.  Afraid my hair would fall out if I tried to do it (brunettes unite!), but on everyone who pulls it off this look is incredibly cute.  Snowy white hair against paled Winter skin and accessorized with cool crystal and steel: perfect.

adorable snowy nail designs

Snowflake nail art is amazing too.  So pretty, and intricate-looking no matter which way you view it, even it was pretty easy to accomplish.

awesome snowflake motif tattoos

Then there’s the snowflake tattoo art.  These generally range from incredibly simple monochrome, to ridiculous cool pale blue, wind-blown, in your face super snow.  This is something I’ve seriously been thinking about indulging in this year, to commemorate the true snow-survivalist New Yorker in me.  I guess we’ll just have to see.

sweet snowflake body jewelry

Oh yeah, and last but not least, adorable snowflake body jewelry.  I love her nose ring, don’t you?  What does everyone else think about Winter motifs in alternative fashion?