Heart Shaped Box – We’re Talkin’ Turkey (Feathers That Is)

So how much do you love feathers?

feather fashion

Real feathers are one of my favorite fashion accessories.  I even loved them back in 2004, when I was in the middle of a torturous and brooding goth phase.  (Whoever invented black feather boas needs to be given the Nobel Prize.)  But there in lies a huge part of their appeal.  No matter what your personal style is, there’s almost certainly a way that feathers can accentuate it.  Club kids, Victorian gothic damsels, tribal dancers, flapper glam gals, modern maidens; all of them and more can benefit from a few fantastic plumes.

feathers fitting all styles

But how do you wear them?  Well, even though they make great belly rings, hair accessories, and bustier trim, my personal favorite way is in the form of statement earrings.  The bigger/longer the better.  There’s just no way to go wrong with some native-inspired, sensuous, downy fringe dangling softly from your lobes.  Leave your hair down for a natural look, or sweep it up for a lit bit of extra drama.  And for those who have multiple ear piercings, mixing a variety of colors, sizes, and materials within the motif keeps it cohesive while turning up the fun.

natural feather pierced earrings

I may not be down with eating turkey, but I’m super in love with wearing it.  No cruelty y’all!


photo credits: Feather Emporium, Owlita, fancyfeather.com, PolishYouPretty.com, Pinterest, BodyCandy.com

Keep Calm and Love the Galaxy

space and galaxy print

So since today is the unofficial “Space Day,” can we just talk about how much we all love galaxy/outer space print EVERYTHING?  It’s not even just about what’s trendy anymore; there’s so much amazingly beautiful universe-themed accessories and clothes out there that it’s unreal. And it doesn’t just stop at things that you take off every day.  Galaxy hair, galaxy nails, galaxy tattoos…  In fact, just check this out:

constellation dermal piercing

It’s a dermal piercing of the Southern Cross constellation, a star grouping visible in the Southern hemisphere that we’ve know about since the times of ancient Greece.  Awesome!  And while we’re on it, just feast your eyes on this:

spacey alt fashion

From Converse, to body jewelry, to funky neck ties, it’s all about outer space.  Not sure if I would wear any of these things together (it would probably be a little bit much), but individually, galaxy print is definitely on the list.  Especially these fun zodiac nebula plugs.

galactic zodiac sign plugs

So whatever you’ve got, make sure you get it on, and have a stellar (ha!) Space Day.

Heart Shaped Box – in the Know with Glow

Remember those cute little glow in the dark stars from your childhood?  You know, the ones that came in coordinated sets with a little ball of sticky tack, and just about every nineties kid had some on their ceiling at one point or another?  Well this, is not like that.  It’s about ten times better!

I heart glow jewelry and accessories

Glow in the dark stuff has really taken a huge step up in recent years.  Not only is it starting to be shown on high fashion runways worldwide, but it’s full of a coolness and variety of color that just keeps getting better.  We’re not talking cute little cutouts of Halloween witches; this is some full on amazing full color art that just happens to also glow in the dark.  Earrings, nail polish, even UV reactive tattoos!  Which brings me to one of my favorite things, these adorable glow in the dark plugs:

sweet full color glow in the dark plugs

Sometimes black and white is just perfect, but other times you want something that transitions seamlessly from day to night.  Enter the full color glow plug.  Pink camo or colorful tie dye during the day time, and sweet glow in the dark spectacle after sunset.  These make me want to go clubbing just looking at them!

Heart Shaped Box: Anchors Aweigh

So everybody who hasn’t been living under a fashion rock for the past year is probably aware of how huge the anchor motif is right now.  With the return of classic retro tattoo flash art styles (think Sailor Jerry) there’s been a massive resurgence of connected motifs (the nautical star, the swallow, the Chinese dragon…) but the one that speaks to me the most is definitely the anchor.

loving anchor fashion

Traditionally amongst the original breed of tattooed sailor, the anchor stood for a stabilizing influence.  It was meant to remind those who inked it upon themselves of the things, or people, at home that keep them grounded.  For this reason the name of a sailor’s best gal or a general phrase such as “hold fast” would often be emblazoned upon the anchor itself or on a banner wrapped around it on such a tattoo.

fun plugs with anchor motifs

That’s why I love these cute little anchor plugs.  Whether you want to go for the more cartoony flash art style, or a simple modernized emblem in natural wood, they’re the perfect little hint of retro.  Now all we need is a matching tattoo!


Heart Shaped Box – Glitterati

For those who aren’t aware, the Pantone Institute has released their “Color of the Year” for 2013, and it’s emerald.  So yeah, beautifully deep, slightly bluish, brilliant green is the color of the moment.  I have to say though, right now I find myself caring less and less about what color something is, and more about whether it’s sparkly.  I’m totally having a glitter moment.

awesome glittery fashion

I mean, gems and crystal and all that are really nice, but nothing says “embracing the YOLO” like some in-your-face super sparkle.  Agreed?

fun glittery cocktail rings

Especially love these cute old school nineties vending machine style glitter rings.  Simple, stackable, sparkly… Perfect, really.  And you can layer ’em in slightly different styles and mix in some other slightly more complex cocktail rings, and you’ve totally made whatever outfit you’re wearing.  Love it.

Heart Shaped Box – Red Revival

Okay, so I know that this year’s “official” color (at least according to the authorities at the Pantone Institute) is “Tangerine Tango,” but all of these awesome shades of red are close enough right?

hot red style

Red has always been one of my fave fall colors, and it happens to be one of the few color families that has nearly unlimited hues that fall under its umbrella.

cool red piercing jewelry

Makes you wanna go crazy for crimson, doesn’t it?  It’s okay.  You go nuts searching and snapping and shopping up everything red, and I’ll just wait right here. Okay, so maybe I’ll beef up my own collection of ravishing red stuff while I wait.  You can really never have too much.

Heart Shaped Box – Summer Color

color for Summer

If there’s one thing I love about Summer, it’s the color.  Other times of the year, certain colors just don’t seem to fit, or have been deemed “unacceptable,” but during the Summer, it’s as if every fashion “rule” just ceases to exist and any and every color under the sun is suddenly everywhere.  I love it, don’t you?

Like these awesomely colorful tapers:

fun bright spiral taper plugs

Cutest thing ever, right?  It makes me wish that I had stretched ears just so that I could wear multiple sets of them in every color that they come in!  And neon ball labrets.  Don’t even get me started.  Funnest thing since facial piercings were first popularized in Western countries.  ‘nough said.