What Happens When You Mix Southwestern Trends and Body Piercings?

You get a modified fashion trend that just won’t quit! Southwestern body jewelry brings together the spirit of the west with the cultural style of Native Americans. Current fashion trends in the body piercing world are heavily influenced by traditional Native American art and jewelry, so it’s no surprise that this fashion statement has made a huge impact on what’s popular to put in your piercings. If you’re looking for a cure to your belly button’s scary nightmares, you may want to get yourself a dreamcatcher navel ring or you might want to try out a pair of ear weights for stretched ears made from organic materials to show your love for nature. Whatever your choice may be, there are plenty of options to bring out the pioneering past in your everyday look without resorting to the dust and dry of the wild, wild west.

There are a ton of familiar shapes, patterns, and symbols used in the designs of southwestern style body jewelry. Chevrons are used in Native American art and textiles, and we can’t get enough of Native American inspired arrows, spirit animals, feathers, and stone jewelry! Dreamcatchers, traditional Native American totem animals like the owl and wolf, and country florals all fall neatly into place within this trend as well.

Most importantly of all, Native American culture celebrates the importance of nature. Jewelry and accessories made with turquoise and other vibrant, rough natural stones, feathers, leather, and wood are a huge part of what’s driving the continuing obsession for southwestern piercing jewelry. Shells, coral, bone, and natural stones such as turquoise, jade, agate, tiger’s eye, serpentine, and unakite are more and more frequently adorning many of today’s trending body jewelry accessories.

For an extra fashion-forward hit, it’s best to formulate a combination of several of the above-mentioned elements to really give your modified look something to tip hats to.

Our tip? Grab plenty of silver: Sterling silver is the best of both worlds as it is high quality and reasonably priced. Even a hint of a shiny toe ring can add the finishing touch you need to complete your outfit.

Now that we’ve discussed the proliferation of the native and Southwestern jewelry trend in popular culture, we figured we should give you guys a look at all the awesome inspired styles we’ve found!

The entrancing hues of turquoise and the rustic looks of these pieces will have you ready for a fashion stand-off no matter what body jewelry style you’re put up against. Perfect for summer styling, these pieces feature gorgeous dream catchers, elegant feathers, and arrows inspired by Native American culture as well as the southwestern aesthetic:

Holiday Style Inspiration For The Pierced & Proud

Holiday time brings out everyone’s festive side. But with all of the stress of holiday shopping, end of the semester exams, work deadlines, and trying to fit in family time, sometimes we forget to show ourselves a little TLC. Why not take some of that goodwill you’re feeling towards others and invest a bit in cultivating a surprisingly cool holiday look for yourself?


Ugly Christmas Sweater Swag:

Ugly Christmas Sweater Swag

For the all the nerds (and closet nerds) out there! Ugly Christmas sweaters have become a fashionable statement within pop culture. If your mind isn’t with the sci-fi geeks, there’s always comfy, cozy sweaters with holiday prints like reindeer and snowflakes. Trust me, showing up to a holiday party in something like this will make people jealous of your holiday cheer, even if you’re the grinchiest of people this time of year.


Simple As a Snowflake:

Simple As a Snowflake

Sometimes going all out for Christmas can feel a tad bit tacky. Instead of displaying your holiday style loudly, add a bit of sparkle here and there. Try adding some snowflakes to your nails if you’ve got the patience. A toothpick and some white nail polish can create a just left the salon look! Mix some pastels, silver and white into your makeup routine for a little tiny pop of holiday spirit.


Life Of The Holiday Party:

Life of the Holiday Party

For style that says “Look at me!” there’s one golden rule: Glitter! Sparkling gems aren’t always enough to complete a holiday party look, so embrace your inner diva and bring out the glitter. The bonus is your holiday style can be Christmas party perfect, and with a few extra sequins, you’re ready for New Year’s Eve too!

It’s Almost October… Here’s Some Halloween Style Inspiration

It’s almost October 1st, and we all know what that means. It’s time to let your inner witchy girl out. Evil or fun? Skeletons or ghouls? You can wear all of your favorite Halloween things… and you can even put ’em in your piercings!

Halloween Body Jewelry

What about some spooky makeup trends? Metallic lip color is all the rage right now! If you’re not feeling adventurous, nudes are always in. A glistening highlight, some perfect wings and you’ve got an awesome Halloween look, with or without a costume.

Fawn Makeup Red Lips Halloween Winged EyelinerOpalite Moonstone Stone Plugs TunnelsNatural Makeup Nude Lips Shimmer Metallic Pink

You can also keep it simple with black body jewelry that you can wear year round. Not everyone wants a spider web hanging from their ear, but a sparkling black diamond in your nose is just as bold!

Blackline Titanium Body Jewelry

What are some of your favorite fall and Halloween inspired looks this year?

How To Hide Your Body Piercings For Work, School, etc.

Blog Header - How To Hide Your Piercings

The last thing we want to tell you to do is hide your piercings. If it were up to us, let it all hang out would be a motto to live by. Unfortunately, professional and educational settings can be restricting. Or parents… yikes!


While most high school dress codes are seeing an improvement on leniency, and some employers are adopting a more laid back attitude towards office attire (especially on the west coast), it can still be a problem in terms of what’s acceptable and when.


Facial piercings are most often under scrutiny. Food service industry standards almost always require them to be removed, as the risk of infections can be a danger to FDA regulations set for the business. Other employers may even require you remove the piercing completely to comply to their conservative company standards. However, if you can get away with it, there are ways to hide and keep your piercings.

Nose, Lip, Cartilage, Belly, Tongue Retainers

Solution: clear body jewelry. Most often made from bioplast of PTFE, clear pieces can be worn to temporarily disguise a piercing.


The popular septum piercing takes another route to blending in. Retainers make it possible to flip your jewelry to hide it. Simply tuck the ends that stick out of your nostrils up inside your nostrils during work hours, and bring ’em back down when you’re out. How cool is that?!

Septum Retainers

Limitations do hit a wall when it comes to stretching. If you’ve got stretched lobes, you’re going to have to hope for an open-minded employer. They do exist! After all, who really wants to work for a company who doesn’t respect them as an individual?


Do you have any useful tips and tricks for hiding your piercings?

Summer 2016 Trends: “Dainty” Body Jewelry

Dainty Body Jewelry

As is true in fashion, body jewelry trends change all of the time. Pop culture icons sporting a new style of jewelry or type of piercing, fashion industry looks drawing on styles of decades past, and not to mention the growing appreciation of having that unique look – we see it all, and we hear ya!

This year’s hottest body jewelry style has taken a turn for the simpler life. Minimalist lifestyles are big right now, so it’s no surprise!

How do you obtain that dainty look with your body piercings? Keep it simple. All metal surfaces are great, but a few sparkling gems won’t hurt. Remember the point is to create a look that’s sophisticated, clean and goes with anything.

Stackable rings and bangle bracelets are popular amongst fashion jewelry trends right now. The ability to mix and match or wear these pieces alone makes them a perfect way to accessorize! Especially in these summer months – the less work it takes to create a look, the better!

Here’s 3 body piercings you can style perfectly with this year’s dainty trend:


Nose Piercings

Nose Rings


Septum Piercings

Septum Piercings


Cartilage Piercings

Cartilage Earrings


Style Inspiration: Festival Season Trends

Music Festival Life

Is it just me, or have music festivals grown enormously in the past 5 years? They’re everywhere! Large scale festivals, with big hitting acts on their lineups. It’s pretty much gone from an experience people dream about having to a yearly tradition.


Plugs - Belly Rings

Even if you’ve never been, or maybe have no desire to, you’ll still find that fashion and popular culture are heavily influenced by the styles seen at music festivals. It’s a place where people really embrace their individuality, and the perfect setting for up & coming fashionistas to start the newest trend.


Septum Piercing - Multiple Earrings

You’ll also see quite a bit of new body piercing trends becoming widely popular. The septum piercing is still holding steady, along with the up and coming return of multiple ear piercings. We’re talking ears full of piercings! It’s a wonderful time to be modified.



Here’s to the nights that turned into morning, and the friends who turned into family.”

DC Comics Body Jewelry – Batman v Superman

You’d be pretty hard pressed to avoid superhero movies this year. Marvel and DC have really laid their claim on 2016. Whether you’re into the comics or you’ve become a fan through the big screen, one of the most anticipated new releases has been Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Cityscape - Metropolis - Batman v Superman

The movie follows suit to the latest in the Superman series, and features an epic battle between these two DC superheroes. Are you #TeamSuperman or #TeamBatman? (Is this like Twilight for comic book nerds?)


Superman, played by actor Henry Cavill, isn’t exactly chill with Batman (played by Ben Afleck.) The film takes place in Superman’s home of Metropolis, outlining their battle for the world’s greatest hero. Unfortunately their little scrap is cut short by one of Superman’s enemies, Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), who stirs up some trouble. So ultimately the two have to put aside their differences and fight the real threat. Queue Stepbrothers reference: “DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?!”


And for those pierced and proud superhero buffs, the release of Dawn of Justice is a perfectly legit excuse to sport some fun new body jewelry!


Batman v Superman Body Jewelry

2016 Piercing Trends – Septum Piercings & Multiple Ear Piercings

If you’re the on-trend type, then maybe you already know this. The fashion world and celebrities are definitely into piercings, and this year is no exception. We decided to put together a guide to the piercing trends you’ll mostly likely be seeing a lot of in 2016.



Septum piercings have been on the rise in popularity for a few years now. We definitely won’t see a decline anytime soon! Jewelry for these piercings ranges from simple to elaborate designs, drawing inspiration from Middle Eastern culture. Septum clickers are the most popular style of jewelry used, but captive rings and horseshoe barbells are also a hit. And can you really deny the legitimacy of a piercing that emphasizes the perfect lip color? Absolutely not.

septum piercing

Multiple Ear Piercings

Pretty sure this trend has been around longer than the septum piercing. Something about it screams 90’s to me, in the best way possible. This would be one of the exceptions to the whole “less is more” rule. The more earrings, the better! There are so many unique ways to complete this look. Not to mention an array of sparkling jewelry to boot. Cartilage piercings like the rook, daith, tragus and helix are popular. For the daring, try the double hole piercing known as the scaffold or industrial!

multiple ear piercings

Check out StyleCaster for more ideas!

New Jewelry Trends – Synthetic Opal Body Jewelry

If you haven’t noticed the rise in opals when it comes to fashion jewelry, you’re probably living under a rock. They’re everywhere!

Opal Gemstone

Opal is a mineral that forms inside the fissures of almost any kind of rock. Precious opals boast almost every color of the spectrum produced by light refracting off of the stone. The quality of the opal depends on the amount of mineral deposits.

Opal Belly Rings

Any deposit not thick enough to be carved into its own stone is combined with a layer of dark material (such as onyx) to make sure that the wide array of colors still show. Of course, as with any precious gem, there are variations. The more pure minerals found in the stone, the higher the price.

Opal Nipple Rings

Studying the way the light refracts in opal has come in handy for developing ways to produce synthetic or imitation gemstones with that same appeal. Taking things a step further, a dominant color can be added to the stones to create a different look than the traditional, “milky” opal. Opalite is a variety of translucent glass or stone that possesses the rainbow effect of opal.

Opal Plugs

The world of body piercing has benefited greatly from this discovery. Synthetic opal provides for a colorful aesthetic that other gemstones just can’t match!


Modified Holiday Style – Pierced and Tattooed Christmas Fashion

holiday piercing fashion

Every year the body jewelry and plugs in candid Christmas selfies and Facebook pics seem to get cuter and funnier, so I thought we could check out some of the fun holiday styles I’ve been seeing.  Here’s a few of my favorites:

Traditional holiday fare, like Christmas trees, candy canes, santa hats, etc. is always a good pick, and just like those 90s fair isle sweaters, it’s likely to never go out of style.

using traditional holiday motifs

For people who have multiple holiday parties to attend (both parents remarried and your long-term boyfriend/girlfriend’s fam) solid whites and clear crystal elements give a fun icy/snowy feel and match everything, allowing for costume changes or the continued restacking and removal of multiple layers. (Does anybody else’s man have a family that sets the thermostat to 74º?)

white and clear styles

Using bow or ribbon elements brings to mind cute holiday gift wrap and is generally an easy way to keep things festive.

bow fashions

Florals don’t need to be limited to holly and poinsettias.  Roses give just as much sophistication and drama, and come in a variety of modern representations.

flowers for holiday sophistication

And though not traditionally thought of as Christmasy colors, pastels have become synonymous with winter, with soft minty greens, icy blues, and petal pinks becoming key winter wedding and fashion hues.

pretty in holiday pastels

So what are you wearing in your piercings and stretch mods for Christmas?  Tell me in the comments below guys!  And have an awesome holiday season!