Modified Holiday Style – Pierced and Tattooed Christmas Fashion

holiday piercing fashion

Every year the body jewelry and plugs in candid Christmas selfies and Facebook pics seem to get cuter and funnier, so I thought we could check out some of the fun holiday styles I’ve been seeing.  Here’s a few of my favorites:

Traditional holiday fare, like Christmas trees, candy canes, santa hats, etc. is always a good pick, and just like those 90s fair isle sweaters, it’s likely to never go out of style.

using traditional holiday motifs

For people who have multiple holiday parties to attend (both parents remarried and your long-term boyfriend/girlfriend’s fam) solid whites and clear crystal elements give a fun icy/snowy feel and match everything, allowing for costume changes or the continued restacking and removal of multiple layers. (Does anybody else’s man have a family that sets the thermostat to 74º?)

white and clear styles

Using bow or ribbon elements brings to mind cute holiday gift wrap and is generally an easy way to keep things festive.

bow fashions

Florals don’t need to be limited to holly and poinsettias.  Roses give just as much sophistication and drama, and come in a variety of modern representations.

flowers for holiday sophistication

And though not traditionally thought of as Christmasy colors, pastels have become synonymous with winter, with soft minty greens, icy blues, and petal pinks becoming key winter wedding and fashion hues.

pretty in holiday pastels

So what are you wearing in your piercings and stretch mods for Christmas?  Tell me in the comments below guys!  And have an awesome holiday season!

Heart Shaped Box – We’re Talkin’ Turkey (Feathers That Is)

So how much do you love feathers?

feather fashion

Real feathers are one of my favorite fashion accessories.  I even loved them back in 2004, when I was in the middle of a torturous and brooding goth phase.  (Whoever invented black feather boas needs to be given the Nobel Prize.)  But there in lies a huge part of their appeal.  No matter what your personal style is, there’s almost certainly a way that feathers can accentuate it.  Club kids, Victorian gothic damsels, tribal dancers, flapper glam gals, modern maidens; all of them and more can benefit from a few fantastic plumes.

feathers fitting all styles

But how do you wear them?  Well, even though they make great belly rings, hair accessories, and bustier trim, my personal favorite way is in the form of statement earrings.  The bigger/longer the better.  There’s just no way to go wrong with some native-inspired, sensuous, downy fringe dangling softly from your lobes.  Leave your hair down for a natural look, or sweep it up for a lit bit of extra drama.  And for those who have multiple ear piercings, mixing a variety of colors, sizes, and materials within the motif keeps it cohesive while turning up the fun.

natural feather pierced earrings

I may not be down with eating turkey, but I’m super in love with wearing it.  No cruelty y’all!


photo credits: Feather Emporium, Owlita,,, Pinterest,

Cool Costume Tricks – Faking Piercings and Tattoos

cool costume tricks

The amount of piercings and tattoos across the younger generations is definitely growing every day, so it’s no surprise that as far as Halloween costumes go, faking body art is increasing in popularity too. So here’s how to fake a piercing or tattoo with ease!

For piercings, you’ll need to get a “clip-on” or faux piercing hoop. There’s a few different types of these depending on what you’re looking to fake, but piercings of the nose, lower lip, and ear cartilage are generally the easiest to imitate and look the most real, so the two best types of jewelry to pull those off are an illusion ring, or a spring loaded ring.

faking nose, lip, or ear piercings

Illusion rings, just pry open to be put on and squeeze together to tighten, and you can even get some that have a little bead on them that makes them look like a ball captive ring. Super authentic.

illusion faux piercing rings

Spring-loaded rings can come with beads or even other decorations too, and because of the spring they can be used to fake other, more difficult piercings better, like belly piercings. Just push the spring arm to open it and when you let go it’ll close and hold itself in place.

You can fake stretched piercings in places where you only have regular piercings too, with cheater plugs. Some of these look like plugs, others like tapers, and because they usually come in a 16 gauge you can use them to fake stretched lip piercings too, like your medusa or labret.

cheater plugs for fake gauging

For fake tattoos, there’s obviously temporary tattoos, but if you want those to look real, it’s best to only buy the traditional style. Anything that has glitter or glows in the dark will definitely look fake, and the most realistic looking pieces will be monochrome and relatively simple, like tribal tattoos. To make it look even more like a real tattoo, cut as close to the edge of the actual design as possible, removing any areas of dead space between as well. Then after applying, you can trace over the design with liquid or gel liner, and finish with a translucent powder. This will give your “tattoos” a nice realistic finish.

faking ink

Even if you already have body art, it’s still fun to add to your collection for Halloween. I mean, you can never have too many piercings and tattoos, right?

Fall Color Happy – Radical Neutrality

Wondering what you’re going to wear now that Fall is finally here and the dreaded next school year is about to begin? Then check out this year’s color palette. Finally, some un-boring neutrals!

neutrals for Fall 2014

Instead of standard cocoa, coffee, and sand, 2014’s neutral tones are a little lighter and gentler. And even though they wouldn’t be traditionally included, muted shades of pink, blue, and berry are now being styled as neutral hues too. The trick is to pair them with other neutrals or variations in the same color family to add interest. Heather gray is great with charcoal detailing, and soft slate pairs perfectly with navy blue. Rosy pinks make perfect matches with creams and ivories, and camel goes well with touches of deeper coffee and sable.

For those of us who are used to wearing either classic black and steel, or solid unfussy brights, this is a good time to bring neutral shades into your jewelry and body jewelry too. Natural wood plugs in varying tones and textures accent pretty much any outfit (plus, they’re also good for your ears and help alleviate that stanky stretching odor we sometimes get).

wooden neutrals

Natural stone items are good too, but so are a lot of fancier synthetic retro pieces, like pearls and bakelite-style acrylic flowers. Roses in light neutral hues are especially popular, and soft-goth with a more romantic styling is definitely in for the cold season this year.

romantic neutrals for Autumn

So maybe it’s time for a little neutrality. Not in your viewpoints or anything, just for clothes and accessories.

Summer Piercings – Funky Feet

foot mods and jewelry

Okay, so, I’m not really a foot person.  Maybe it’s the fact that my feet are super ticklish, or that I have kind of creepy “finger toes,” but I’ve never really liked feet.  Not mine, or anybody else’s.  Some of the fun, interesting mods I’ve seen lately though, might just help to change my mind.

Did you know there was such a thing as foot piercings?  Well I didn’t.  But some of them are actually pretty cute, and dare I say, even feminine.  Dainty surface bars near the ankle, sparkly dermals on the toe, even the foot corset looks nice (albeit temporary).

  cool foot and toe modscenter: “Piercing Foot” by Teufelin

As intriguing as the mods themselves are, there’s actually a gorgeous crop of toe rings out this year too.  So anti-foot people like me don’t have to worry about how new toe piercings would heal stuffed into a gym sock and a pair of Vans.

 pretty 2014 toe rings

The toe ring look is a great compliment to that exotic, world-traveler, bohemian style that’s so popular this year too.  And even those who are fashion-impaired (ahem) can get away with it, no belly dancing costume required.

 steeling the traveler jewelry style

Ah, feet.  Still gross.  But I’m definitely starting to see their potential.

Freaky Friday – America’s Obsession with Friday the 13th

obsessed with Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th.  It’s lucky, it’s unlucky, it’s purely superstition (it’s tomorrow, by the way).  It seems like pop culture has been trying to figure out whether to hide in our houses or throw down on a stack of lottery tickets for literally decades.  From Jason Voorhees, to the lore surrounding “lucky 13” ink, we’re totally obsessed with this creeptastic pseudo-holiday.

 the number 13 stigma

So why is the number 13 such a big deal?  In modern times it’s attached to classic American superstition, gambling luck, and various factions of pure math and the dreaded number theory.  13 is a prime number, a Bell number, a Fibonacci number (look into these if you want to see some amazing mathematics).  But the idea of thirteen being evil or unlucky can be traced back to the illuminati, or even to biblical times.  (The number of persons present at the last supper before the crucifixion was 13: Christ, plus his twelve disciples.)

 Keep Calm on Friday the 13th

And is Friday the 13th a good or bad day to get pierced, tattooed, branded, etc?  Why not a good day?!  For many of us the number 13 is attached to good luck.  And that would be especially cool if you were getting a “lucky 13” tattoo.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely gonna have some fun tomorrow, instead of buying into all the gloom and doom superstitions.  So happy Friday the 13th everybody!  I hope you enjoy yours like I plan to enjoy mine.

Piercing and Tattoo Trivia – Just for Fun

Piercing and Tattoo Trivia

Since I’ve learned a few interesting facts over the years while talking to others who are pierced, tatted, and modified, I thought it might be fun to see what everybody knows, so here’s some modification trivia!  (Look for answers at the very bottom, but no peaking until you finish!)

Question 1: When did the first piercing parlor in the Us open it’s doors?

Question 2: Which gender is the most pierced?

who is more pierced

Question 3: When was the APP (Association of Professional Piercers) founded?

Question 4: Who is the most pierced person in the world?

who holds the piercing record

Question 5: Who is the most tattooed person in the world?

Question 6: Which Native American tribe was originally named after a type of piercing they wore?

Question 7: What do the Maori tribe of New Zealand refer to their tattoos as?

what do the Maori call tattoos

Question 8: Sailors used to get an image of what tattooed on their foot to prevent drowning?

Okay, now look at the answer key and see how many you got right.  Who did really good!?  Let me know in the comments.

1) 1978, and it was called The Gauntlet, 2) women comprise nearly 3/4 of the pierced population in the US, 3) the APP was officially founded in 1994, 4) Elaine Davidson of the UK is the most pierced person in the world with over 7,000 piercings to date! 5) Australian native Lucky Diamond Rich is the most tattooed person in the world with literally 100 percent of his skin inked (and that includes the eyelids, insides of the ears, and a few other “sensitive” places you might be wondering about) 6) The Nez Perce tribe, so called because of their nose piercings 7) moko, or tā moko 8) sailors would get a chicken, rooster, or other bird tattooed on their foot, because according to superstition, the wings would help keep everything above the foot above the water if they fell overboard

Have You Heard? – Ragnar Piercing

deep snug ear piercing

So, for anybody who’s thinking “what the heck is a ragnar piercing,” it’s just a fancy word for deep snug.  It’s basically just a transverse ear piercing that starts about where a regular snug would, but goes through the entirety of the scaffa/helix cartilage and emerges at the outside edge of the ear.  Funny name, awesome piercing.

A ragnar can have a slightly different orientation from person to person, depending on that person’s individual ear anatomy and the amount of other lobe, conch, or helix piercings that are already present and might need to be worked around.  Sometimes it’s almost perfectly horizontal, but other times there can be a mild to moderate incline or decline.  It all depends.

different ragnar/snug orientations

Apparently the name “ragnar” comes from the first fella to ever be pictured where the piercing, which believe it or not wasn’t even invented until after the year 2000.  So it’s definitely a contemporary piercing.

Some people wear a ragnar with a straight barbell, others with a curved one, or sometimes even a flexible straight bar (usually made of bioplast or PTFE).  Rarely it can be seen with a large diameter horseshoe or captive, but for most wearers that isn’t really an option.

flexible PTFE and bioplast bars

So that’s the ragnar.  Admittedly unique, interesting, and enticing for a next piercing choice.  We’ll see!

Keep Calm and Love the Galaxy

space and galaxy print

So since today is the unofficial “Space Day,” can we just talk about how much we all love galaxy/outer space print EVERYTHING?  It’s not even just about what’s trendy anymore; there’s so much amazingly beautiful universe-themed accessories and clothes out there that it’s unreal. And it doesn’t just stop at things that you take off every day.  Galaxy hair, galaxy nails, galaxy tattoos…  In fact, just check this out:

constellation dermal piercing

It’s a dermal piercing of the Southern Cross constellation, a star grouping visible in the Southern hemisphere that we’ve know about since the times of ancient Greece.  Awesome!  And while we’re on it, just feast your eyes on this:

spacey alt fashion

From Converse, to body jewelry, to funky neck ties, it’s all about outer space.  Not sure if I would wear any of these things together (it would probably be a little bit much), but individually, galaxy print is definitely on the list.  Especially these fun zodiac nebula plugs.

galactic zodiac sign plugs

So whatever you’ve got, make sure you get it on, and have a stellar (ha!) Space Day.

Dermals – Look How Far We’ve Come

Look How Far We've Come

In the years since microdermal piercings have come into the mainstream, methods and materials have been perfected, and now that we’ve worked out the technical kinks, it’s that amazing time when the magic happens.  More jewelry is available, more modification artists are honing their craft, and more fun and interesting designs are popping up every day.  What started as single one point piercings performed with a punch, has gone full-out and head-on, ranging from multiple rows of piercings, to hot tattoo embellishments, and even large scale body designs of ever-increasing complexity.

 microdermal piercings being performed

One of the most popular places for women to get dermal piercings is on the cheek or around the eye.  Depending on the size of the jewelry, health of the skin, and shape of the eyes, this can include everywhere from just past the corner of the eye, to the top of the cheek just below the eye in front, to above the brow.  No matter where it is, it tends to look lovely and amazing.  (We’ve all got gorgeous eyes anyways, right ladies?)

 ladies dermals around the eye

Some other common locations for dermal designs include the chest/clavicle area, the back of the neck, the hips/ lower abdomen, the finger (generally where a ring would go), the wrist, the middle of the forehead/bindi area, and behind or directly in front of the ear.

 common places to get dermals

And now for the best part of all: the fun new styles of jewelry.  Instead of just standard gems in varying sizes, we’ve got hearts, stars, teardrops, skulls, and just about anything else you can think of.  Kind of makes you want to get a dermal (or if you already have some, another dermal), doesn’t it?  Keep it going, trend-setters!

cool new dermal jewelry styles