What Happens When You Mix Southwestern Trends and Body Piercings?

You get a modified fashion trend that just won’t quit! Southwestern body jewelry brings together the spirit of the west with the cultural style of Native Americans. Current fashion trends in the body piercing world are heavily influenced by traditional Native American art and jewelry, so it’s no surprise that this fashion statement has made a huge impact on what’s popular to put in your piercings. If you’re looking for a cure to your belly button’s scary nightmares, you may want to get yourself a dreamcatcher navel ring or you might want to try out a pair of ear weights for stretched ears made from organic materials to show your love for nature. Whatever your choice may be, there are plenty of options to bring out the pioneering past in your everyday look without resorting to the dust and dry of the wild, wild west.

There are a ton of familiar shapes, patterns, and symbols used in the designs of southwestern style body jewelry. Chevrons are used in Native American art and textiles, and we can’t get enough of Native American inspired arrows, spirit animals, feathers, and stone jewelry! Dreamcatchers, traditional Native American totem animals like the owl and wolf, and country florals all fall neatly into place within this trend as well.

Most importantly of all, Native American culture celebrates the importance of nature. Jewelry and accessories made with turquoise and other vibrant, rough natural stones, feathers, leather, and wood are a huge part of what’s driving the continuing obsession for southwestern piercing jewelry. Shells, coral, bone, and natural stones such as turquoise, jade, agate, tiger’s eye, serpentine, and unakite are more and more frequently adorning many of today’s trending body jewelry accessories.

For an extra fashion-forward hit, it’s best to formulate a combination of several of the above-mentioned elements to really give your modified look something to tip hats to.

Our tip? Grab plenty of silver: Sterling silver is the best of both worlds as it is high quality and reasonably priced. Even a hint of a shiny toe ring can add the finishing touch you need to complete your outfit.

Now that we’ve discussed the proliferation of the native and Southwestern jewelry trend in popular culture, we figured we should give you guys a look at all the awesome inspired styles we’ve found!

The entrancing hues of turquoise and the rustic looks of these pieces will have you ready for a fashion stand-off no matter what body jewelry style you’re put up against. Perfect for summer styling, these pieces feature gorgeous dream catchers, elegant feathers, and arrows inspired by Native American culture as well as the southwestern aesthetic:

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