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What Happens When You Mix Southwestern Trends and Body Piercings?

You get a modified fashion trend that just won’t quit! Southwestern body jewelry brings together the spirit of the west with the cultural style of Native Americans. Current fashion trends in the body piercing world are heavily influenced by traditional Native American art and jewelry, so it’s no surprise that this fashion statement has made a huge impact on what’s popular to put in your piercings. If you’re looking for a cure to your belly button’s scary nightmares, you may want to get yourself a dreamcatcher navel ring or you might want to try out a pair of ear weights for stretched ears made from organic materials to show your love for nature. Whatever your choice may be, there are plenty of options to bring out the pioneering past in your everyday look without resorting to the dust and dry of the wild, wild west.

There are a ton of familiar shapes, patterns, and symbols used in the designs of southwestern style body jewelry. Chevrons are used in Native American art and textiles, and we can’t get enough of Native American inspired arrows, spirit animals, feathers, and stone jewelry! Dreamcatchers, traditional Native American totem animals like the owl and wolf, and country florals all fall neatly into place within this trend as well.

Most importantly of all, Native American culture celebrates the importance of nature. Jewelry and accessories made with turquoise and other vibrant, rough natural stones, feathers, leather, and wood are a huge part of what’s driving the continuing obsession for southwestern piercing jewelry. Shells, coral, bone, and natural stones such as turquoise, jade, agate, tiger’s eye, serpentine, and unakite are more and more frequently adorning many of today’s trending body jewelry accessories.

For an extra fashion-forward hit, it’s best to formulate a combination of several of the above-mentioned elements to really give your modified look something to tip hats to.

Our tip? Grab plenty of silver: Sterling silver is the best of both worlds as it is high quality and reasonably priced. Even a hint of a shiny toe ring can add the finishing touch you need to complete your outfit.

Now that we’ve discussed the proliferation of the native and Southwestern jewelry trend in popular culture, we figured we should give you guys a look at all the awesome inspired styles we’ve found!

The entrancing hues of turquoise and the rustic looks of these pieces will have you ready for a fashion stand-off no matter what body jewelry style you’re put up against. Perfect for summer styling, these pieces feature gorgeous dream catchers, elegant feathers, and arrows inspired by Native American culture as well as the southwestern aesthetic:

Ear Pointing: Body Modification or Cosmetic Surgery?

There’s no doubting the increasing desire for modifying the human body in today’s society. Whether it be with tattoos, piercings, or plastic surgery, a market for sculpting and creating with flesh and bone flourishes with scalpels and needles finding new and welcoming homes in the body art industry. Some modifications are more extreme than others, with several emerging in popularity that do much more than poking a hole through your skin. An example of one such procedure lies in the topic of our post today: ear pointing.



Ear pointing is a medical procedure that alters the shape of the ear for cosmetic change and to gain unique features otherwise unseen in society. Many times, the ear will be transformed to reflect a less humanlike appearance, such as the popular pointed elf shape that many fairy-fashionistas are flocking to add to their other-worldly personas.

While this specific body modification may be painful and much more permanent than your typical mod, there’s no question that it has still made its place well known within the culture and style of those looking to modify their body.



What do you think about pointed ears? Would you try a procedure like this to modify your body? Leave a comment & tell us your thoughts!

Magnetic Implants: Can You Gain a Sixth Sense with Body Modifications?


What are magnetic implants anyways?

Also known as neodymium implants or installs, the original plan for magnetic implants was for the ability to carry around metal objects, but when that didn’t work, the application that came from it was something just as wondrous – some call it superpowers, a sixth sense.

By implanting tiny rare Earth magnets into your fingertip, you can gain the ability to sense electromagnetism in the world around you. How does this work? The magnet vibrates very slightly and stimulates the dense nerves in your fingertip when you encounter things like electric stovetops and live electrical cables. While there may not be anything inherently magical about magnetic implants, it’s difficult to keep your curiosities away from this “bio hack” and its ability to allow you to experience the world in new ways.


Reasons for Getting Magnetic Implants

  1. IF YOU WANT TO BE AWESOME…You can perform neat tricks like picking up bottle caps and other small metal objects like paper clips, which makes for a great icebreaker if you’re an office worker. You’ll be able to feel security gates that you pass through when you enter and leave retail stores.
  2. IF YOU WORK WITH ELECTRONICS…You’ll be able to feel the live wires versus the dead ones. They can also be used to detect when large electric motors start up or shut down (in the fridge or in streetcars, for example).
  3. IF YOU ARE A BIOHACKER…Biohacking is similar to transhumanism but is more centered around the technology emerging in our world and cyborg aspirations. With these types of implants, you are able to sense large electric fields through their vibrations when your hands/finger gets close to devices that are powered by electricity. You’d also be able to tell whether or not an object is ferrous (contains iron).

How can you have implants of your own?

Well, first you must turn to the expertise of a body artist to do the procedure. Most of the time this will be a professional body piercer with specialization in these types of body mods. According to most experts, it is safest to have a single magnet inserted into the ring finger of your non-dominant hand (seeing as how it’s usually your least used finger). We should also warn you that it would most definitely be painful since the process is essentially a giant syringe injecting the tiny magnet under your skin with no anesthetic.

The magnets used for this are actually quite common – you can buy them on eBay! However, their ability to anchor sub-dermally in your fingertip lies with the type of bio-coating used on the magnet before implantation. Size is also an important factor since larger implants would inhibit proper blood vessel function.


The point of insertion will look as if it’s a papercut on the edge of your finger and the sensation that is brought upon by the implant does not start right away. After about two weeks (to give your tissue and nerve endings time to adjust) you should have normal operation of the implant and the magnetic field sensitivity some look for with this unique body mod.

Also, interestingly enough, it will take some time for people who get the implant to actually realize the sensation they’re feeling is coming from their implant. Basically they’re having a feeling generated by the implant, but their brain hasn’t quite caught up to figuring out what this new sense means just yet. Best part of all? It’s super easy to take out if you choose to. Just a pinch and a few days healing time and you’ll be back to your plain and boring mortal self.

If you’re really feeling curious about neodymium magnetic implants, we suggest you set aside the time to watch this video all about it.


What is in store for the future of magnetic implants?

There are even some new technologies in development that are using this body mod to work hand-in-hand (literally) with their designs. Imagine being able to link up your implant to an app in your phone to sense something that would usually be naked to the human eye? The possibilities are endless…

Even more interesting, there could be a medical benefit to magnetic implants. There is a study in the works at the University of British Columbia where researchers have developed a device that works when a magnet is passed over it and is currently being looked into for the possibility of one day being used in administering painkillers and chemotherapy drugs on demand. Who knew magnets could do so much?!