Heart Shaped Box – We’re Talkin’ Turkey (Feathers That Is)

So how much do you love feathers?

feather fashion

Real feathers are one of my favorite fashion accessories.  I even loved them back in 2004, when I was in the middle of a torturous and brooding goth phase.  (Whoever invented black feather boas needs to be given the Nobel Prize.)  But there in lies a huge part of their appeal.  No matter what your personal style is, there’s almost certainly a way that feathers can accentuate it.  Club kids, Victorian gothic damsels, tribal dancers, flapper glam gals, modern maidens; all of them and more can benefit from a few fantastic plumes.

feathers fitting all styles

But how do you wear them?  Well, even though they make great belly rings, hair accessories, and bustier trim, my personal favorite way is in the form of statement earrings.  The bigger/longer the better.  There’s just no way to go wrong with some native-inspired, sensuous, downy fringe dangling softly from your lobes.  Leave your hair down for a natural look, or sweep it up for a lit bit of extra drama.  And for those who have multiple ear piercings, mixing a variety of colors, sizes, and materials within the motif keeps it cohesive while turning up the fun.

natural feather pierced earrings

I may not be down with eating turkey, but I’m super in love with wearing it.  No cruelty y’all!


photo credits: Feather Emporium, Owlita, fancyfeather.com, PolishYouPretty.com, Pinterest, BodyCandy.com

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