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Cool Costume Tricks – Faking Piercings and Tattoos

cool costume tricks

The amount of piercings and tattoos across the younger generations is definitely growing every day, so it’s no surprise that as far as Halloween costumes go, faking body art is increasing in popularity too. So here’s how to fake a piercing or tattoo with ease!

For piercings, you’ll need to get a “clip-on” or faux piercing hoop. There’s a few different types of these depending on what you’re looking to fake, but piercings of the nose, lower lip, and ear cartilage are generally the easiest to imitate and look the most real, so the two best types of jewelry to pull those off are an illusion ring, or a spring loaded ring.

faking nose, lip, or ear piercings

Illusion rings, just pry open to be put on and squeeze together to tighten, and you can even get some that have a little bead on them that makes them look like a ball captive ring. Super authentic.

illusion faux piercing rings

Spring-loaded rings can come with beads or even other decorations too, and because of the spring they can be used to fake other, more difficult piercings better, like belly piercings. Just push the spring arm to open it and when you let go it’ll close and hold itself in place.

You can fake stretched piercings in places where you only have regular piercings too, with cheater plugs. Some of these look like plugs, others like tapers, and because they usually come in a 16 gauge you can use them to fake stretched lip piercings too, like your medusa or labret.

cheater plugs for fake gauging

For fake tattoos, there’s obviously temporary tattoos, but if you want those to look real, it’s best to only buy the traditional style. Anything that has glitter or glows in the dark will definitely look fake, and the most realistic looking pieces will be monochrome and relatively simple, like tribal tattoos. To make it look even more like a real tattoo, cut as close to the edge of the actual design as possible, removing any areas of dead space between as well. Then after applying, you can trace over the design with liquid or gel liner, and finish with a translucent powder. This will give your “tattoos” a nice realistic finish.

faking ink

Even if you already have body art, it’s still fun to add to your collection for Halloween. I mean, you can never have too many piercings and tattoos, right?