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Fall Color Happy – Radical Neutrality

Wondering what you’re going to wear now that Fall is finally here and the dreaded next school year is about to begin? Then check out this year’s color palette. Finally, some un-boring neutrals!

neutrals for Fall 2014

Instead of standard cocoa, coffee, and sand, 2014’s neutral tones are a little lighter and gentler. And even though they wouldn’t be traditionally included, muted shades of pink, blue, and berry are now being styled as neutral hues too. The trick is to pair them with other neutrals or variations in the same color family to add interest. Heather gray is great with charcoal detailing, and soft slate pairs perfectly with navy blue. Rosy pinks make perfect matches with creams and ivories, and camel goes well with touches of deeper coffee and sable.

For those of us who are used to wearing either classic black and steel, or solid unfussy brights, this is a good time to bring neutral shades into your jewelry and body jewelry too. Natural wood plugs in varying tones and textures accent pretty much any outfit (plus, they’re also good for your ears and help alleviate that stanky stretching odor we sometimes get).

wooden neutrals

Natural stone items are good too, but so are a lot of fancier synthetic retro pieces, like pearls and bakelite-style acrylic flowers. Roses in light neutral hues are especially popular, and soft-goth with a more romantic styling is definitely in for the cold season this year.

romantic neutrals for Autumn

So maybe it’s time for a little neutrality. Not in your viewpoints or anything, just for clothes and accessories.