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Summer Piercings – Funky Feet

foot mods and jewelry

Okay, so, I’m not really a foot person.  Maybe it’s the fact that my feet are super ticklish, or that I have kind of creepy “finger toes,” but I’ve never really liked feet.  Not mine, or anybody else’s.  Some of the fun, interesting mods I’ve seen lately though, might just help to change my mind.

Did you know there was such a thing as foot piercings?  Well I didn’t.  But some of them are actually pretty cute, and dare I say, even feminine.  Dainty surface bars near the ankle, sparkly dermals on the toe, even the foot corset looks nice (albeit temporary).

  cool foot and toe modscenter: “Piercing Foot” by Teufelin

As intriguing as the mods themselves are, there’s actually a gorgeous crop of toe rings out this year too.  So anti-foot people like me don’t have to worry about how new toe piercings would heal stuffed into a gym sock and a pair of Vans.

 pretty 2014 toe rings

The toe ring look is a great compliment to that exotic, world-traveler, bohemian style that’s so popular this year too.  And even those who are fashion-impaired (ahem) can get away with it, no belly dancing costume required.

 steeling the traveler jewelry style

Ah, feet.  Still gross.  But I’m definitely starting to see their potential.