Keep Calm and Love the Galaxy

space and galaxy print

So since today is the unofficial “Space Day,” can we just talk about how much we all love galaxy/outer space print EVERYTHING?  It’s not even just about what’s trendy anymore; there’s so much amazingly beautiful universe-themed accessories and clothes out there that it’s unreal. And it doesn’t just stop at things that you take off every day.  Galaxy hair, galaxy nails, galaxy tattoos…  In fact, just check this out:

constellation dermal piercing

It’s a dermal piercing of the Southern Cross constellation, a star grouping visible in the Southern hemisphere that we’ve know about since the times of ancient Greece.  Awesome!  And while we’re on it, just feast your eyes on this:

spacey alt fashion

From Converse, to body jewelry, to funky neck ties, it’s all about outer space.  Not sure if I would wear any of these things together (it would probably be a little bit much), but individually, galaxy print is definitely on the list.  Especially these fun zodiac nebula plugs.

galactic zodiac sign plugs

So whatever you’ve got, make sure you get it on, and have a stellar (ha!) Space Day.

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