Dermals – Look How Far We’ve Come

Look How Far We've Come

In the years since microdermal piercings have come into the mainstream, methods and materials have been perfected, and now that we’ve worked out the technical kinks, it’s that amazing time when the magic happens.  More jewelry is available, more modification artists are honing their craft, and more fun and interesting designs are popping up every day.  What started as single one point piercings performed with a punch, has gone full-out and head-on, ranging from multiple rows of piercings, to hot tattoo embellishments, and even large scale body designs of ever-increasing complexity.

 microdermal piercings being performed

One of the most popular places for women to get dermal piercings is on the cheek or around the eye.  Depending on the size of the jewelry, health of the skin, and shape of the eyes, this can include everywhere from just past the corner of the eye, to the top of the cheek just below the eye in front, to above the brow.  No matter where it is, it tends to look lovely and amazing.  (We’ve all got gorgeous eyes anyways, right ladies?)

 ladies dermals around the eye

Some other common locations for dermal designs include the chest/clavicle area, the back of the neck, the hips/ lower abdomen, the finger (generally where a ring would go), the wrist, the middle of the forehead/bindi area, and behind or directly in front of the ear.

 common places to get dermals

And now for the best part of all: the fun new styles of jewelry.  Instead of just standard gems in varying sizes, we’ve got hearts, stars, teardrops, skulls, and just about anything else you can think of.  Kind of makes you want to get a dermal (or if you already have some, another dermal), doesn’t it?  Keep it going, trend-setters!

cool new dermal jewelry styles


  1. Those are some beautiful body artworks. Very nice.

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