Fabulous Florals and a Magical Modified Prom

piercings and tattoos at the prom

Prom is coming up, and for any of us ladies who are modified it can be both an exciting, and a trying time.  Afterall, not all of us are “evening gown ready,” and for some it can be difficult to feel comfy in our skin, especially if we’re a member of what (in most schools) constitutes a tiny minority.  Not a lot of high schoolers have multiple tattoos, large gauge stretched ears, or several noticeable piercings.  But you don’t have to be self-conscious, and thanks to a growing “accept us as we are” movement, the prom can be the perfect time to let your mods take center stage.

go strapless or spaghetti to show off tattoos

A strapless or spaghetti strap prom dress is a great way to show off upper body tatts.  Just be sure that you moisturize well for about a week before so that your skin looks its best, and stay away from sunless tanner, which can make your tattoo’s coloring look a little off.  If you really need to have a tan, just mix some bronzer into your favorite light lotion, or buy an instant bronzing cream.

piercings and stretched ears at prom

For ladies with piercings, especially if your ear piercings are stretched, this can be your chance to glam them up with gems or sparkles.  If you’re not sure how to coordinate multiple facial piercings, a good rule of thumb is to choose a single piercing to focus on with bling, and wear subtle jewelry in most of the others.  For a little extra femme, here are some great floral ideas for stretched ears:

sweet floral plug styles for prom

So have an awesome and one-of-a-kind prom girls, and show off your awesome mods!


  1. Sarah Grace says:

    All of the floral jewelry is so cute; I can have this as a gift to my friend who is looking for flower jewelry for her stretched piercing.

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