Saint Patrick’s Day – Irish Pride

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everybody

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!  Even if you aren’t Irish, the holiday is still super fun (and it’s a great excuse to party hearty), but for all of us who are of Irish descent, it’s especially important to celebrate our heritage.  That’s why I’m so in love with the fact that more and more Irish pride stuff is becoming available.

show off your Irishness

You can find things that are really girly (for all of us Irish princesses out there), and items that are more unisex, but no matter what you wear, it’s awesome to let the world know how proud you are of your Irishness.  And not just for Saint Patrick’s Day!  I don’t know about you, but I wear my claddagh rings and my “irish girl” earrings all year.  So even if you can’t trace your Irish roots back to the seventeen hundreds like I can, it’s still cool to be loud and proud.  (And sometimes it earns you a free drink too.)  😉

So get your Irish on people, and have an awesome St. Patty’s Day!


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