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Holiday Costuming – Sweet Mardi Gras Style

alt Mardi Gras fashion(by itashleys-makeup on Deviant Art)

 It seems like Mardi Gras gets better every year, especially if you’re lucky enough to live in area where they hold public celebrations, or have dance shows, or parades.  But one of the best things about this, one of my favorite holidays, is the costuming.  Mardi Gras is like getting a second Halloween; beautiful makeup, colorful hair, and outrageous costumes aren’t just expected, they’re practically required!  So without further ado, here we go, with some of the most amazing modified and alternative Mardi Gras fashions for 2014.

modified Mardi Gras fashion

For anybody who doesn’t know, the traditional Mardi Gras colors (as seen above of course), are royal purple, emerald green, and golden yellow.  Other festive jewel tones like tourmaline pink and sapphire blue are also commonly worked in, with the point being to use color playfully and make what you wear stand out.  For those of us that have color tattoos, rubbing in some natural oils like organic coconut oil, or adding some fun shimmer are great ways to make beautiful body art really pop.  But don’t despair if you aren’t part of the tattoo club, because body painting is another staple of Mardi Gras, and rocking temporary art can be just as fun.

cool festive temporary body artbeautiful body paint by Craig Tracy (source:

If you do nothing else looks-wise to celebrate this year, make sure that you wear a mask, whether it’s real (you can get them at most dollar stores) or painted on.  Half the fun that makes Mardi Gras such a magical night is not knowing who’s under those magnificent masks.  Happy Mardi Gras!

What We Heart Now – Tunnel of Love

heart shaped ear jewelry for Valentine's Daymodel: Iris Lys, plugs by David Oakley

At this point I’m assuming that everyone has seen at least one really cool looking heart tunnel or plug that they absolutely had to have.  There’s new styles popping up all of the time, and the bigger this trend gets, the more interesting and outside-the box the jewelry becomes.  It’s almost like we’ve opened up the Pandora’s Box of neat new ear treats, and now that it’s done, there’s no putting a lid on it!

Some of them are heart-shaped solid material, while others are standard circular plugs with heart shape cutouts, or even circular cutouts with heart charms set inside.  Silicone, natural stone, acrylic, wood; the list of materials and styles goes on, and with so much out there just waiting to be worn, it’s pretty much impossible to not find at least one that you’re into.

cool heart plug ear jewelry

What type of heart plugs have you gotten your hands on lately?  Let me know in the comments, and have a happy heart day this Valentine’s Friday!