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heart piercings and tattoos trend

heart ear jewelry

If you ever surf the internet or enjoy your Google image searches, you’ve probably seen what I have, which is hearts, hearts, hearts.  So since Valentine’s Day is coming, let’s share some of the cuter and cooler heart shaped piercings and jewelry!  First up is the ears, because heart rings are literally everywhere lately.  Heart closure rings for daith and cartilage piercings are becoming really popular, but another rising trend is the “heart ear punch.”  Basically, it’s a heart shaped hole in the conch/helix/scaffa area, and some choose to fill it with a cute little heart-shaped tunnel, while others just leave it as is.  For those of us (me!) who are a little less hardcore, there’s always the cute heart and arrow industrial.

heart shaped ear jewelry and piercings

heart nose jewelry

Heart nose rings seems to be blowing up huge too, whether it’s for the nostril or the septum, or sometimes both.  Cut-outs seem to be the order of the day, or what’s often termed as a “hollow heart,” which is basically just the outline.  Gems, wings, gold, hoops, and any number of other posh things are floating around, but for its part, the simple steel piece is just as pretty unembellished.

heart motif nose piercing jewelry

heart belly jewelry

Which brings us to the most hearted-up piercing of all: the belly piercing.  Heart belly rings are available in literally endless varieties and color schemes, with variations that include gems, pearls, arrows, chains, multiple hearts, and just about anything else you can think of.  Colors that are less than traditional for hearts (think aqua or violet instead of ruby or pink) are making a comeback in accordance with modern styling.  There’s even a range of clip-ons and stick-ons for the unpierced to fake it.

 navel piercings with heart dangle belly rings

I don’t know about you, but I might have a hard time picking exactly which heart shaped items to wear this Valentine’s with so many around.  I love them all so much though, that I’m sure I’ll eventually manage.

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