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New Piercings for the New Year

getting new mods for 2014“Kiki,” by Tristan Savatier

Now that the holidays are finally coming to a close and life is a little less hectic and demanding, everybody’s minds are probably turning to one thing: the new year.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll be thinking about New Year’s resolutions, going shopping with all those gift cards (score!), and of course what new mods you want this year.

Two new tattoos and some ear piercings are on my list, but for those who aren’t sure exactly what they want, here’s some things I’ve seen recently that are super cool, still pretty rare, and definitely bound to be serious contenders in 2014.  Hope you like them as much as I do!

The Transverse Lobe Piercing

 horizontal ear lobe piercing variations

It’s basically like a horizontal ear lobe piercing; it goes sideways through the lobe.  The really great thing about these is that they can be done even if you already have a regular earlobe piercing, or in some cases, even if you have several.  Stretched lobes can be worked with sometimes too, and there are some who have purposely pierced through well-healed stretch mods to create a really unique look.  Pretty neat, right?

The Lip Surface

 horizontal lip piercings

These are called by a few different names including “lip surface piercing,” and “horizontal lip piercing,” but no matter what you call it they’re fairly new and interesting.  Unlike a traditional surface piercing, they’re usually worn with a small curved barbell, but variations have recently started to emerge.  Whether you have other lip piercings already, or just want something a little different, this type of lip piercing is pretty sweet.

The Rhino

 vertical nose tip piercings

Although they’re not completely new, rhino piercings are definitely still one of the rarest nose piercings.  The nice thing about being around a while though, is that all sorts of styles have started popping up.  There’s even rhinos being done as single point piercings, which is a cuter, more feminine version that looks great on women.

What do you want to get in 2014?  Let me know if you’ve got any cool or really unique ideas!

5 Tips to Surviving the Holidaze in Style

tips to survive the season

With the Christmas season starting earlier and earlier each year it is hard to keep calm and relax. It seems that holiday music is playing the day after Halloween (or even sooner). Stores have their Christmas section up by the end of September for goodness sake. The world is obsessed. Is the season of giving just giving you a headache? Here are some tips for bringing the cheer back into your life, keeping the stress levels down, and making the best out of this chaotic time of year.

1)  Get a new piercing or tattoo right now! Put down the mouse, pick up the phone, and call your piercer or tattoo artist right now to make your next appointment; it’s absolutely crucial for your holiday survival. It is proven that getting piercings and tattoos gives you a rush of natural endorphins that makes you happy and less stressed out. Plus this is the best time of year to get some new mods anyways. Your body is less exposed to elements such as sun and chlorinated water (from swimming pools). Plus, piercings and tattoos make you feel more confident, and therefore ready to take on the craziness. It’s important to pamper yourself, do what feels good, and do something that you want to do. You deserve it. Beat the after holiday/New Year’s rush; you’ll thank me later.

 get your new mods in the winter

2)  Buy yourself presents! Although this is called the season of giving, you have to make sure to remember yourself. Retail therapy is important to getting through the holiday season. Just don’t go too crazy. Here are some tips to maximizing your shopping without breaking the bank: first, does your best friend want a new belly ring this year? Get one for you and one for her! Consider getting a best friends set, so that way you’re spending one lower amount and getting a new belly ring too. Having matching jewelry with a friend is also special and fun!

 get matching friend jewelry

3)  Don’t let your family get under your skin! Like me I’m sure that you are probably the black sheep of your family in some regard. Sometimes family members can give you a hard time about your looks because they do not have anything better to say.  For instance, if your aunt is giving you guff about your new lip piercing or larger sized earlobes, don’t bark back at her with some snotty remark. Just count to ten and think about it from her perspective; her generation is just not as used to the body modification culture as ours is. Educate her. Explain to her that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but your mods make you feel beautiful, and you don’t require her approval.

 let them know mods make you feel beautiful

4)  Be a smart shopper! Sign up for e-mails from any online stores you want to shop at this year. Hint: they’ll send you exclusive coupons and sales. Using coupons and taking advantage of great deals will maximize your budget and make it possible to get something for your whole list and still have money left over for yourself. Shop Clearance and look at newly reduced items to get amazing deals on the items you want most too.

 sign up online for deals

5)  Treat yourself right! Take care of your piercings, exercise, don’t over-indulge, get plenty of sleep, and don’t forget to laugh. It’s easy to slack on aftercare, drink and eat too much at parties, and let yourself lose sleep. Indulging may temporarily ease the holiday blues, but it can also lead to feelings of guilt and dissatisfaction later.

Remember, the holidays only come once a year and only last for a few weeks. If you follow these 5 tips, you might just find this year to be more joyful and less stressful. Do you have any tips for holiday survival? Share in the comments!