Get Your Freak On – Cool and Freaky Halloween Worthy Modifications

Halloween worthy modifications

Halloween is the one time of the year when we all have the freedom to reach out of our normal comfort zone and take on a new persona. Halloween is about challenging your deepest darkest fears and waving your freak flag proudly. For some people, Halloween is everyday.

There are many who take body modification to extreme levels. This is more than just a gimmick to induce shock value; body modification is a commitment and a way of life. Here are some awesome examples of out-there body mods that can’t be recreated with a simple Halloween costume.

Tongue Splitting Also called tongue bifurcation, it’s a body modification method where the tongue is cut or burned from its tip up towards the base with a scalpel, fishing line, cauterizing gun, or surgical laser. The forked tongue is reminiscent of a snakes tongue and can also be associated with evil.

tongue splitting

Supersized Stretched Ear Lobes Stretching of the earlobes is a traditional tribal practice that is now a global fashion statement. Once the elastic limit of the skin has been reached it will not shrink back down. While there are countless people with size 2 gauge or 00 gauge, there are some who take this trend to the next level by stretching their lobes to much bigger than 2 or even 3 inches in some cases. It’s not just traditional “freaks” stretching their earlobes anymore either; it isn’t uncommon for the girl next door to be flaunting her huge stretched lobes. The stretching process takes a lot time and dedication and is not to be taken lightly.

large stretch mods

Subdermal Implants Subdermal implants are like 3D art that’s surgically embedded under the skin. The body heals over the object and creates a dramatic raised design. Horn implants are some of the most intense, transforming the modified person into something completely extraordinary. Often people who go to such great lengths to alter their physical appearance will do this in conjunction with other modifications to receive the desired effect and dramatically change their look.

subdermal 3D body art

Some people are world famous for their beautiful full body displays of piercings and tattoos. They completely transform themselves into otherworldly beings, with full art and modifications. Other forms of extreme body mod include scarification, branding, ear pointing, neck stretching, corsetry, and plastic surgery. With body modification, the possibilities are endless, so why not get your freak on!

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