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Heart Shaped Box – in the Know with Glow

Remember those cute little glow in the dark stars from your childhood?  You know, the ones that came in coordinated sets with a little ball of sticky tack, and just about every nineties kid had some on their ceiling at one point or another?  Well this, is not like that.  It’s about ten times better!

I heart glow jewelry and accessories

Glow in the dark stuff has really taken a huge step up in recent years.  Not only is it starting to be shown on high fashion runways worldwide, but it’s full of a coolness and variety of color that just keeps getting better.  We’re not talking cute little cutouts of Halloween witches; this is some full on amazing full color art that just happens to also glow in the dark.  Earrings, nail polish, even UV reactive tattoos!  Which brings me to one of my favorite things, these adorable glow in the dark plugs:

sweet full color glow in the dark plugs

Sometimes black and white is just perfect, but other times you want something that transitions seamlessly from day to night.  Enter the full color glow plug.  Pink camo or colorful tie dye during the day time, and sweet glow in the dark spectacle after sunset.  These make me want to go clubbing just looking at them!

Celebrity Modification Fixation – All About Ears

celebrity ear modifications

The image of a celebrity is glamorous and fantastic. Constant photos on every form of social and print media keep us up to date on what is going on with our favorites. Celebrities are role models and trendsetters. They express themselves with their style and body modifications. Famous people with stretched ears, multiple ear piercings, and ear tattoos are much more common now than ever before.

There are many attractive male celebrities with awesome stretched lobes. Besides the plethora of Warped Tour punkers who sport plugs, here are a few famous hotties with larger than life lobes:

Brandon Boyd from Incubus has beautiful ink and lobes stretched to 1 inch; he is a big fan of natural wood plugs. Dubstep artist Skrillex (Sonny Moore) is famous for his sick drops, asymmetrical hair cut, piercings, and of course his ½ inch stretched lobes (that he often fills with white or black saddle plugs). Chester Bennington from the band Linkin Park also has beautiful tattoos and ½ inch stretched lobes; he is often seen wearing basic black saddle plugs or gem tunnel plugs.  American Idol winner Adam Lambert has 2 gauge plugs. Travie McCoy from Gym Class Heroes has awesome tattoos, piercings, and 3/4 inch plugs. Davey Havoc from AFI has tats and stretched lobes which he likes to wear large, blingy gem plugs in. Lil Wayne has various tattoos, piercings, and 00 gauge plugs (the more bling the better as far as he’s concerned).

male celebrities with stretched lobe piercingsDavey Havoc, Lil Wayne, and Chester Bennington – stretched lobes

While there are less female celebrities with stretched lobes there certainly are a lot with multiple ear lobe and cartilage piercings. Actress Scarlett Johansson has several ear piercings and has been spotted with small tapers and eyelets in her lobes and has her tragus pierced. Rihanna has multiple ear piercings including her tragus too. Christina Aguilera is known for her love of body modification, including several ear and cartilage piercings. Other hot female celebrities with cartilage piercings are Shakira, Kate Hudson, Lindsay Lohan, Taylor Momsen, Jessica Alba, Carrie Underwood, Demi Lovato, Sienna Miller, and Julia Stiles. Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Pink, and supermodel Kate Moss also don multiple ear piercings. Nicole Richie, Perrie Edwards (from the British band Little Mix), and actress Shannon Elizabeth all have tragus piercings to accent their style.

female celebrities with ear cartilage piercingsScarlett Johansson, Taylor Momsen, and Miley Cyrus – cartilage piercings

Another way to accentuate your ears is with ink! Ear and behind the ear tattoos are very popular right now because they can be both subtle and bold. An ear tattoo can be easily covered up for that important family function or job interview. This trend is very popular among young female celebrities and trendsetters. Rihanna has a star tattoo in her left ear and a fancy X shaped symbol behind her right ear. Miley Cyrus has the word “Love” tattooed on her inner ear. Demi Lovato has a beautiful turquoise feather tattoo behind her ear. Carmen Electra has the letter K behind her ear, and Adele also went for an initial with the letter A behind her ear. Joss Stone has flowers, Lyndsy Fonseca has a moon and star, and actress Gemma Arterton has wings. Symbols like birds, stars, flowers, butterflies, and initials are very popular and discreet. It is always best to get a tattoo that represents you and not to copy someone else’s just for aesthetic purposes.

celebrities with tattooing on or near their earsDemi Lovato, Rihanna, and Gemma Arterton – ear tattoos

Multiple ear piercings, stretched lobes, and ear tattoos are very popular among young celebrities, causing a trend of modifying our own bodies to transform ourselves to superstar status.  Do your research and find the look that suits your own personal style the best. Be unique, be original, and be yourself. Body modification, no matter how bold or subtle, transforms your look and your life.