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Just in case you didn’t get the memo, BodyCandy is on Google Plus. There are 500+ reasons to follow BodyCandy.  If you follow us you are eligible to win a huge $500 shopping spree to the site (you must follow us to enter the sweepstakes). Can you even imagine what you would do with $500 worth of free body jewelry? Start by following us, then enter the sweepstakes, and then, last but not least, call your piercer and make an appointment (you are going to need more holes to fill once you win).

Besides entering to win the big $500 grand prize you will also get to enjoy all the fabulous benefits of the Google Plus community. It is an amazing place to hangout with your friends and fellow body modification enthusiasts. The BodyCandy Google Plus page is the best place to see our freshest content: hilarious memes, brand new photos, brand new items, instructional and real piercing videos, what’s trending, contests with great prizes, tips of the trade, and even more.

Google Plus makes it ridiculously easy to share what is important to you with the people you want to see it. You can post videos and photos of your piercings, jewelry, inspiration, and more. Circles make it possible to only include certain friends in on the conversation. This is an awesome way to deter nosy bosses and parents. Communities are a great way to make new friends. They bring people together around common passions. It’s so fun to connect to others who are interested in tattoos, piercings, and body modification in general. The endless supply of resources, tips, real life experiences, and just knowing that you are not the only one out there is reason enough to join Google Plus. Adding BodyCandy and entering to win tons of cool stuff is just an added perk. See you in the winning circle.

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