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enter to win on Google+

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Extreme Modification – the Sub-clavicle Piercing

piercings that run underneath the clavicle

So, a lot of us have heard of a clavicle piercing, that cute little surface piercing right near clavicle, but have you ever heard of a sub-clavicle piercing?  Yep.  It totally exists, seriously.  This piercing is the only of its kind, and it actually goes underneath the clavicle bone and penetrates the body cavity.

Some people wear it with extra large, custom curved barbells or surface bars, but after testing the waters, most piercers who will do it have found that movable bioplast or PTFE shafts work better.  Consequentially, if you ever see this extremely rare piercing up close, that’s the type of jewelry you’re most likely to find.  I say “piercers who will do it,” because the vast majority of professionals refuse to even attempt this piercing based on the dangers involved.  A major artery, multiple important nerves, and the apex of the lung all run underneath the clavicle, and nicking any of them would be a very grave mistake indeed, and could result in permanent damage.

That being said, a growing number of well-trained, well-practice professional modification artist are completing this piercing with moderate success.  Here’s some excellent footage of the piercing being performed properly, with surgical equipment:

sub-clavicle piercing being performedsub-clavicle piercing by ChristOff

Based on anatomical references, the extensive drawing here ensures that the needle will enter, run, and exit in the correct places, avoiding all of the sensitive anatomy I just mentioned.  The piece of medical equipment used here is called an indwelling cannula.  After the hollow needle has run its course and successfully exited the body cavity above the clavicle, the outer portion of the cannula is stripped away, leaving only the PTFE barbell, which is ready to have its long ends capped.

Extreme piercings like the sub-clavicle are slowly beginning to grow in popularity amongst modification enthusiasts, spawning a whole new genre.  Some of the other amazing deep tissue piercings gaining momentum include the Achilles piercing (through the ankle, just above the heel), the crucifixion piercing (all the way through the hand from the palm and out the back), and the mandible piercing (beginning underneath the chin and emerging inside the mouth, under the tongue).

crucifixion, achilles, and mandible piercings