A Bit of a Stretch – Stretching Cartilage Piercings

precautions when stretching difficult cartilage

If you have cartilage piercings that you’re dreaming about making bigger, this one is for you. Large and small stretched nostrils, conch, tragus, and other cartilage piercings are easy to find with a quick google image search, but how did they get there? Is it possible to achieve those results with my own piercings? Extreme stretched cartilage piercings are all over the internet but may not be feasible for some or will take a lot of dedication and time to achieve on your own body.

healthy stretched cartilage piercings

Cartilage piercings are not ideal to stretch, but it is totally possible. Cartilage is a fiber frame under the skin that lacks a blood supply of its own, therefore making it more difficult to heal and stretch than normal soft tissue. When stretched, soft flesh has somewhere to go and cartilage does not. There is a greater chance of tearing and ripping while stretching cartilage piercings. Moderate to extreme discomfort is possible, but you should never be in misery from stretching safely. Stretching of a healthy, healed piercing should only feel like a slight warmth and pressure, and it shouldn’t bleed.

After stretching you need to allow time for recuperation; with cartilage piercings this can be as long as 1 year between size-ups. Never stretch unhealed, inflamed, or infected piercings. It is also extra important not to skip sizes. It seems like a good time saving idea, but it will only deter you from your final goal and may even make it impossible to stretch further.  This is your body; love and respect it.  No taking shortcuts. Stretching of the cartilage especially is normally done in very small increments to minimize the potential for creating scar tissue or damaging the healed fistula (actual piercing hole).  It’s very easy for a cartilage piercing to get angry during stretching, so just be patient and persistent.

stretched nose piercings

Some people have gone the route of getting pierced with a larger needle or the dermal punch method to create the stretched cartilage piercing. Depending on how big you go, this hole can immediately accommodate the desired larger jewelry. In this instance dermal punches can save time and aggravation. Things could get bloody, but after the initial shock it will heal just like any other piercing. Dermal punching physically removes the tissue, unlike stretching, and creates a hole without putting too much stress on the skin. Once jewelry is removed, the piercing will never shrink back to the original size.  However, dermal punches are medical devices and in certain states it is illegal for a piercer to use them. Make sure you research the laws in your state before getting your heart set on this method.

Dermal punching or having a piercer help you stretch a cartilage piercing can be painful if done incorrectly. You need to find the professional piercer that is experienced and right for the job. Do your research and search out qualified people. Make sure to check the artist’s portfolio and look at the healed versions of your desired procedure. Also remember that aftercare is of the utmost importance, and everyone’s body takes to piercing differently.

nose and lobe piercing stretch mods

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