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New Ways to Wear it – Dangle Plugs

new plug trend

The biggest problem faced by those of us with stretched lobes is not being able to wear those fun, glamorous dangle drop earrings that we all love so much. Well, not anymore! Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Plugs are made to fit in stretched ear lobes. New dangle saddle plugs have additional ornaments and dangling charms attached to them. They come in a variety of styles, from ornaments with extra long chains, faceted flowers, and brilliant crystals, to bold black flowers and hearts with charms like skulls or pistols for an edgier take on the trend. This look is perfect for any fancy special occasion such as a wedding, prom, or just a night on the town. Dangle plugs are perfect for any pretty girly girl or punk rocker chick who wants to make a big statement with her jewelry.

cool plugs with built in dangles

If you prefer tunnel plugs but still want the dangle you are also in luck. There are now special earrings that are made specifically for people with stretched ear lobes. The dangle earring is attached to a hoop that is inserted through your tunnel and then secured. And as most of us already know, regular hoop earrings and BCRs that are big enough can also be worn through tunnels or eyelets.

Whether your style is simple and elegant sparkle or alternative and edgy, the dangle plugs and tunnel plugs with hoop earrings are two looks that are really growing in popularity, so they’re both definitely one to try.

A Bit of a Stretch – Stretching Cartilage Piercings

precautions when stretching difficult cartilage

If you have cartilage piercings that you’re dreaming about making bigger, this one is for you. Large and small stretched nostrils, conch, tragus, and other cartilage piercings are easy to find with a quick google image search, but how did they get there? Is it possible to achieve those results with my own piercings? Extreme stretched cartilage piercings are all over the internet but may not be feasible for some or will take a lot of dedication and time to achieve on your own body.

healthy stretched cartilage piercings

Cartilage piercings are not ideal to stretch, but it is totally possible. Cartilage is a fiber frame under the skin that lacks a blood supply of its own, therefore making it more difficult to heal and stretch than normal soft tissue. When stretched, soft flesh has somewhere to go and cartilage does not. There is a greater chance of tearing and ripping while stretching cartilage piercings. Moderate to extreme discomfort is possible, but you should never be in misery from stretching safely. Stretching of a healthy, healed piercing should only feel like a slight warmth and pressure, and it shouldn’t bleed.

After stretching you need to allow time for recuperation; with cartilage piercings this can be as long as 1 year between size-ups. Never stretch unhealed, inflamed, or infected piercings. It is also extra important not to skip sizes. It seems like a good time saving idea, but it will only deter you from your final goal and may even make it impossible to stretch further.  This is your body; love and respect it.  No taking shortcuts. Stretching of the cartilage especially is normally done in very small increments to minimize the potential for creating scar tissue or damaging the healed fistula (actual piercing hole).  It’s very easy for a cartilage piercing to get angry during stretching, so just be patient and persistent.

stretched nose piercings

Some people have gone the route of getting pierced with a larger needle or the dermal punch method to create the stretched cartilage piercing. Depending on how big you go, this hole can immediately accommodate the desired larger jewelry. In this instance dermal punches can save time and aggravation. Things could get bloody, but after the initial shock it will heal just like any other piercing. Dermal punching physically removes the tissue, unlike stretching, and creates a hole without putting too much stress on the skin. Once jewelry is removed, the piercing will never shrink back to the original size.  However, dermal punches are medical devices and in certain states it is illegal for a piercer to use them. Make sure you research the laws in your state before getting your heart set on this method.

Dermal punching or having a piercer help you stretch a cartilage piercing can be painful if done incorrectly. You need to find the professional piercer that is experienced and right for the job. Do your research and search out qualified people. Make sure to check the artist’s portfolio and look at the healed versions of your desired procedure. Also remember that aftercare is of the utmost importance, and everyone’s body takes to piercing differently.

nose and lobe piercing stretch mods

A Piercing Gaze – I Only Have Eyes for You

eye fashion

Eyes are the most engaging part of the human body, the window to the soul, the things that twinkle when you are sad or in deep and passionate love.  It makes sense that the eye is currently being used and modified all over the place in the fashion and art world.

The depiction of the human eye in jewelry is a huge craze. Jewelry that engages and makes eye contact can be both startling and beautiful. Human, animal, or mystical eye representations are on all sorts of jewelry. I’ve even seen jewelry that features googly eyes or doll eyes.  I really enjoy bright colored eyes or eyes with things in them, especially on plugs or belly rings. A rotting eye or detached eye can also signify zombies or decay, which is all very trendy right now. The Evil Eye has the power of inflicting harm, suffering, or bad luck to those it is cast upon. The Hamsa is an amulet shaped like a hand with an eye in it, which is used to protect against the Evil Eye.

the hamsa and the evil eye

Besides the depiction of eyes in jewelry there are also actual types of eyeball jewelry and eye modification techniques.

Dangle eye jewelry– This jewelry is worn like contact lenses. There is a contact lens with a piece of thin wire attached to it that dangles down your face holding beads or gems. In the sun it looks like sparkly tears.  Apparently you can’t feel the hanging fishing line and it doesn’t effect your sight or ability to blink properly. If it is tugged the contact will simply pop out and not harm your actual eyeball.

dangle contact jewelry for the eyes

Eye Tattoos– It’s actually possible to get tattoos on your eyes; some have tattooed the entire whites of their eye. Pauly Unstoppable was the first person documented to have an eyeball tattoo with a real tattoo gun, in his case the ink did not stay. There are cases in prisons of the prisoners tattooing the whites of their eyes for gang related reasons. In many cases it is just an ink injection into the cornea. Eye tattooing was first practiced in the first century AD. In an attempt to improve the appearance of patient’s eyes metal rods were used to cauterize the eye’s surface and natural color was added after the fact. Cosmetic eye tattooing can be very dangerous and possibly cause blindness.

eye tattooing

Eye Implants– If you want something more substantial you can also get platinum implants (normally a heart or half moon) implanted beneath the skin. Many ophthalmologists have spoken out about the heath risks involved with this process.