Seeing Everywhere – Dreamcatchers and the Native Mystique

dreamcatcher fashion

So, is it just me, or are there shots of dreamcatcher body jewelry and tattoos literally everywhere you look on the internet right now?  Don’t get me wrong; I love them too.  The whole idea of a mystical object that can catch your nightmares in its hand-woven threads and hold them safely away until sunrise is definitely appealing ( I don’t know about you, but I really could’ve used one as a kid).

Here are some of the cute dreamcatcher jewelry items that I’ve come across:

cute dreamcatcher dangle jewelry

Super cute, right?  I love this seafoam green/ocean blue dreamcatcher belly ring.  The tattoos are pretty amazing too.  They range from tiny (a couple inches), to life-size that might cover a foot, to huge ones that span across the entire back.  Ironically for something that’s so colorful in real life, the monochrome or colorless tattoos seem to be more popular, but every once in a while there’s an awesome blast of bright hues that just blows you away, like the floral one here:

sweet dreamcatcher tattoor art

I’m not sure how long this trend is going to last, but I hope it’s long enough for some even cooler dreamcatcher themed stuff to come out.  I think a dreamcatcher tongue ring would be awesome!

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