Heart Shaped Box: Anchors Aweigh

So everybody who hasn’t been living under a fashion rock for the past year is probably aware of how huge the anchor motif is right now.  With the return of classic retro tattoo flash art styles (think Sailor Jerry) there’s been a massive resurgence of connected motifs (the nautical star, the swallow, the Chinese dragon…) but the one that speaks to me the most is definitely the anchor.

loving anchor fashion

Traditionally amongst the original breed of tattooed sailor, the anchor stood for a stabilizing influence.  It was meant to remind those who inked it upon themselves of the things, or people, at home that keep them grounded.  For this reason the name of a sailor’s best gal or a general phrase such as “hold fast” would often be emblazoned upon the anchor itself or on a banner wrapped around it on such a tattoo.

fun plugs with anchor motifs

That’s why I love these cute little anchor plugs.  Whether you want to go for the more cartoony flash art style, or a simple modernized emblem in natural wood, they’re the perfect little hint of retro.  Now all we need is a matching tattoo!


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