Wearing Rings in the Ring – Pierced Professional Wrestlers

piercings and tattoos in professional wrestling

Modern professional wrestling is all about the spectacle. It’s the ultimate display of power. The glitz, the drama, and the action are what keep people across the world intrigued and obsessed with this sport. Wrestlers are flamboyant and wear flashy costumes to stand out from the crowd and intimidate their opponents. Body modification goes hand in hand with the professional wrestling culture. A majority of wrestlers, both male and female, have visible tattoos. There are a lot of professional wrestlers who are also pierced or have other body modifications.

This may seem dangerous, because piercings can be accidentally ripped or pulled while performing. Exposed nipple and belly piercings would be most in danger during a match. However, these characters live life on the edge and laugh at the idea of pain. Piercings and tattoos add to the tough personas and promote individuality.

Female wrestlers are inspirational knock outs. They are a great example of strong women excelling in a (formerly) male dominated sport. Common piercings for female wrestlers are belly button, tongue, and lip. The two piece, midriff showing costumes are practically made for showing off a navel piercing. Female professional wrestling is more than just a cat fight. They’re multifaceted athletes, performers, musicians, and just plain fabulous.  Many of the Divas also do swimsuit and fashion modeling to show off their fit bodies and beautiful modifications.

modified wrestling Divas

Angeline Love is a five time TNA champion and has her belly button, ears, and lip pierced. Sofia Cortez has a belly piercing and tattoos. Britani Knight has a belly ring and her lip pierced. Her mother, professional wrestler Sweet Saraya Knight, has her lip and belly pierced as well. I think it’s so cool that this mother-daughter wrestling duo have the same piercings. I wish my mom was that accepting of body modification.

female modified wrestling stars

Lita is the lead singer of The Luchagors as well as a former WWE Diva; she has tattoos, multiple ear piercings, and a double tongue piercing. Ashley Massaro is most famous for wrestling but also has appeared on “Survivor: China” and was featured in Playboy.  She has tattoos, multiple ear piercings, snakebites, and also had her Monroe done at one time. Christina Von Eerie is in two different punk bands (Spit and Puke), and has a lip piercing and multiple tattoos.  These girls have a wild, punk rock style and would all look awesome in spiked body jewelry. Colorful spiked horseshoes look amazing in a variety of piercings and they’re a cheap way to make sure your body jewelry always matches the color of your mohawk.

famous female wrestlers with pierced belly buttons

Michelle McCool was a middle school teacher before turning to wrestling; she has a belly button piercing. Imagine seeing your middle school teacher in a wrestling ring? So awesome! Velvet Sky has tattoos and her belly button pierced and Jeannie Kim has her belly button pierced too. Other professional female wrestlers with piercings: Jazz has an eyebrow piercing, and Lufisto, Eve, Gail Kim, Emma, and Jessie McKay all have their belly buttons pierced.

Belly rings are very popular among female wrestlers. During matches it’s best to wear belly rings that are small and close to the body, to help prevent them from getting caught. For facial jewelry, push in studs and anything bioplast is recommended, again to prevent catching. Retainers are also available for those who want to play it safe while participating in high impact sports.

Some of my favorite photos of these amazing women are not when they are in the ring. Obviously they have a little bit more freedom with what they can wear in their belly piercings in a photoshoot than in the wrestling ring. While modeling bikinis, sparkly nautical belly rings look fantastic. Clear, dangly, crystal belly rings also look amazing on sun kissed tan skin. Body jewelry with neon balls is very beach ready too.

Now for the boys! Here is a sampling of some of the famous (and infamous) pierced male professional wrestlers:

WWE stars with piercings and tattoos

CM Punk is a straightedge, which is a subculture that doesn’t partake in drugs and alcohol. He has tons of tattoos plus his lower lip, ears, and tongue pierced. Shannon Moore is a punk rocker who owns his own tattoo parlor, wears his hair in a mohawk, and has his septum and ears pierced. Jeff Hardy is famous for being on a tag team with his brother Matt. He has tattoos and his lip and ears pierced. All of these boys are pictured wearing basic steel jewelry in their piercings. I have noticed this trend in a lot of the pierced manly men that I know. Generally they only wear basic steel or black jewelry.

wrestling stars with body piercings

Jesse Neal was in the Navy before wrestling. He has tribal tattoos and his tongue, ears, and labret pierced. A-Train (also known as Prince Albert) is a giant of a man who is obviously not afraid of pain. He was one of the founders of the Pierced Pals tag team wrestling group. A-Train has tribal tattoos and his nose, septum, three lip, multiple ear, cheeks, nipples, and tongue pierced. Besides wrestling, R-Truth is a rapper who has tattoos, ear, lip, and a double eyebrow piercing. Other known pierced male wrestlers are Batista: ears, nose, and tongue piercing. Brock Lesnar: tongue piercing. Balls Mahoney: ears,eyebrow, and tongue piercings. Snitsky: tongue piercing. Eric Hartsburg: 3 lip piercings. Darren Drozdoff: tongue and other various piercings. And Lou Albano: ear and facial piercings (he often puts a rubber band through a surface piercing on his cheek).

I love wrestling. It is all about the show, so flashy and fantastic. It is obvious why individuals who are pierced and tattooed are attracted to this sport. Strength is more than a physical thing; it’s also being able to be yourself. It is awesome to see these pierced and tattooed role models on such a large scale.

(I am sure there are more pierced or formally pierced wrestlers out there that I am missing. If you know of any please fill me in by leaving a comment. )



  1. CM punk has both nipples pierced and had a naval piercing. Jeff Hardy had a naval piercing. Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose had a nose piercing. He got his ears pierced as well.

  2. I can’t believe I forgot about CM Punk’s nipple piercings! Thanks! 🙂

  3. You forgot about Zahra Schreiber. She has her navel, monroe and ears pierced. In addition, Charlotte and Rosa Mendes have pierced navels as well.


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