Awesome Irish Body Art

Saint Patricks Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is almost here, and to celebrate I’ve decided to take a look at all of the awesome green, clover, and Irish-centric body piercings and art that make me so happy to be Irish!

cute green hair styles

Even if you’re not Irish even 1% though, you can’t tell me that you don’t absolutely love the beauty of green hair.  As long as the color compliments the skin and eyes of the person wearing it, green hair can look absolutely stunning, especially when it brings out the color in tattoos.

Green Body Jewelry

Green body jewelry is pretty sweet to though, and I love the versatility.  With so many different shades of green (emerald, aqua, forest, kelly, lime…) the possibilities are practically endless, and when you pick the right hue, it can go with just about everything.  And that brings us to my personal favorite piece of Irish/Celtic body mod: the green tattoo.  Clovers, love knots, infinity knots, claddaghs (the crowned heart and hands); all of them are amazing and perfectly show off Irish heritage.  I’ve even been thinking about getting a lucky clover tattoo myself.  What do you guys think?

cool Irish tattoo art motifsThe beautiful claddagh tattoos in the center are (left to right) by Aaron of Neo Soul, and Marc Durrant of MD Tattoo Studio.

Whether you’re super Irish or not even close, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, and if you have Celtic tattoos, I hope you show them off all weekend!

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