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bicycle driven fashion

Everybody remembers riding their first bike, the thrill of having transportation and shear fun of riding with the wind in your hair. Being a cyclist is more than just a trend, it is a way of life. Bicycles are also more than a swift means of transportation; they are a mainstay of modern urban youth culture and fashion. In urban areas, bikers band together and support this green form of transportation. Bike inspired fashion and jewelry are popping up on runways and street fashion blogs everywhere.

Like your body, one can customize and modify every detail of their bike to fit their every need and style. Fixed gear riding is becoming its own subculture. The bike has a fast and sleek design that allows cyclists to fill their need for speed.  Other bicycle enthusiasts will modify their bikes to extreme levels. These “freak” bikes may include double-decker bikes with two frames, pimped out tricycles, low riders, and many more interesting designs. For those of us who are into both body modification and bicycle modification, Bike Gear Plugs are the perfect addition to your bike savvy wardrobe.

body jewelry with bicycle gears

Cyclist fashion is way beyond neon colored spandex. For hardcore road racers the super hero outfits are still available: skin tight jerseys, padded cycling pants, helmet, and gloves in a matching color. New, stylish clothing is now being made with cyclists in mind. The clothing is made with breathable and reflective fabric to help riders remain visible at night. LED light up earrings and plugs are another great way to get noticed and be safe while riding at night. Waterproof capes and other bike gear are perfect for those of us who ride in any weather. There are also bags made that have extra straps to help keep them fixed to the body and not sway.  And bike themed necklaces are a great way to show off your love for cycling.

cute bike-centric jewelry

If you don’t want to invest in biking specific fashion, tighter fitting jeans are comfortable for the regular rider. Wearing denim cut offs and tank tops is the perfect way to show off your summer skin and stay cool on your bike in the warm weather. Midriff tops are perfect for showing off your belly ring and also keep you cool on your bike, but make sure you wear lots of sun block, especially if you have tattoos.

modified cyclists

Vintage cruiser bikes are popular for leisure riders and in the fashion world. Bike fashion shows are becoming more and more common. Dressing for your destination and not for the journey is the theme taken with a lot of cycle chic hipsters. Tweed rides are bike rides where the participants don vintage inspired wears and bike at a leisurely pace. Think cropped riding pants, blazers, hats, corduroys, dresses, and heels. Pearls and vintage inspired jewelry looks great with classic sportswear. Be careful with billowing dresses that may get caught in the spokes; safety first, fashion second. Belly rings and jewelry featuring vintage bicycles are adorable and feminine additions to any vintage pinup style. Basic silver body jewelry for facial piercings also looks great with this classy look.

classic retro cyclist fashion

I am lucky enough to have the Midnight Bike Ride in my city. Once a week in the summertime a gang of 100+ cyclists meet at the stroke of midnight and ride to designated spots around the city. As far as local cyclist style goes, I noticed a lot of the bike kids in Buffalo are bohemian travelers. This look includes dreadlocks, facial piercings, tattoos, DIY punk clothes, and fitted jeans. Bracelets and necklaces that look like they are made of bike chains go great with this punk look.

Whichever style you choose, biking is a way to regain childhood innocence and gain a new freedom and need to explore. You see things in a different way when you are on a bike. Put down the car keys and strap on your helmet. You will feel better about yourself, help the environment, explore your city in a new way, and get to try out some fabulous functional fashion. Whether you are a bike enthusiast or you are just in it for the style there are plenty of ways to make this look work for you. The look of the modified cyclist is not going away anytime soon.

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