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Celebrity Piercings – Girl Meets Body Piercing

Danielle Fishel as Topanga from Boy Meets World

I was highly interested when I saw the name Topanga trending on Twitter the other day. So many wonderful images flooded into my mind… oh sweet nostalgia. Being a child in the nineties I loved Boy Meets World, I mean who didn’t? That show taught me a lot about, well a lot of things. Danielle Fishel, the actress who played Topanga Lawrence, was a trendsetter and an icon for girls in my generation. She was intelligent and mature. Every girl wanted to be just like her, and her cover shot and spread in the April issue of Maxim proves that not much has changed. Even now I still want to be just like her. The only difference is now Danielle Fishel is not the same wholesome little girl she used to be. Now 31, she is all grown up: sexy, toned, and proudly showing off her beautiful belly button piercing.

Danielle Fishel in the 90s and right now

Danielle sports a simple, sophisticated white gold, diamond belly ring in her Maxim shoot. She proves that body piercings look beautiful on people of all ages, not that 31 is old by any means, just that she has been sporting the piercing since she was a teen. Sophisticated and elegant jewelry makes any piercings’ transition into adulthood a little bit smoother and it’s very easy to update your look to reflect your age. A more professional approach to body modification styling involves basic steel, silver, or gold jewelry with petite rhinestones or diamonds. This subtle, yet still noticeable, look is fantastic with any professional or casual attire.

Danielle Fishel and her cute belly piercing

Danielle has been dealing with the topic of body piercing since very early in her career. Before her Boy Meets World success, she also appeared briefly on the popular television show Full House. She played Jennifer, one of the girls who pressured Stephanie Tanner into getting her ears pierced. I remember this episode very clearly. It advocated going to a professional to get your piercings done. That’s a very important message, and many teenagers and young adults unsuccessfully attempt at-home body modification. In the show, even though she begged, Stephanie was told she couldn’t get pierced. She then went behind her father’s back and allowed her friend to pierce her ears. Shortly after doing the piercing her ears became badly infected. The moral is that self piercing can lead to infection and other serious health risks. It is so progressive and awesome when television shows deal with real issues that real kids and teenagers face. I didn’t have my ears pierced yet at that point in my life. I remember having the “piercing” talk with my parents shortly after seeing that episode. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to have parents who supported my decision to get my ears pierced; they took me to a professional, and thus began my addiction.

I also remember watching Danielle on TRL (Total Request Live) back in the late nineties. Quickly into the interview she stuck her tongue out to prove that the rumors about her having a tongue piercing were un-true. She had mentioned in a teen magazine that she did in fact want to get her tongue pierced, but had not gone forward with it. In that same interview she revealed that she did in fact have her belly button pierced and had a small tattoo on her back. Again, this was one of the first times that I remember seeing a star, especially a girl, talking openly about their body modifications. TRL and the media at large would eventually be filled with pop stars that advocated acceptance of body modification in pop culture, and innovated the industry’s standards of beauty. Besides Danielle, other stars like Beyonce Knowles, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba, and Brittney Spears showed off their belly piercings for the world to see. Every magazine had at least one sweet and stunning girl showing off her midriff bling. These superstars inspired millions of girls worldwide to get their navels pierced. When wholesome girls began promoting body piercing in such a fashion it helped to make all piercings less taboo and more acceptable for an everyday person to partake in the trend. “Well, if she has it pierced it can’t be that bad” was a statement that many of my friend’s parents uttered. This was an epic win for my generation. Body piercing was no longer seen as a deviant behavior that was only meant for prisoners and bikers.

Watching old episodes of Boy Meets World is like looking into a time capsule from my youth. I tuned in every single Friday for TGIF. I am excited about Girl Meets World, the new show starring Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage (Cory Matthews).  It’s very rare to be able to see a character’s development from child to parent,and now the tables will be turned and they’ll be dealing with the same (and different) issues that their own parents had to deal with. I know personally, I look forward to the day that my future children ask for their first piercing or tattoo. I’m definitely going to make sure that they are safe and smart about their decisions.

90s television show Boy Meets World

My hope is that Girl Meets World will still deal with real life coming of age stories, such as first love and body piercings, in the same educational, sincere, and optimistic way that the original series did. It is important for young kids and teenagers to have positive role models who are going through the same real life changes as them. It is also just as significant for people who are now mature adults to realize that your piercings can grow up with you and translate to a more sophisticated style. Danielle Fishel is a timeless beauty who has successfully transcended time and remained relevant in a highly saturated culture because she is relatable, genuine, and it doesn’t hurt that her adorable pierced belly looks better than it ever has.

Wearing Rings in the Ring – Pierced Professional Wrestlers

piercings and tattoos in professional wrestling

Modern professional wrestling is all about the spectacle. It’s the ultimate display of power. The glitz, the drama, and the action are what keep people across the world intrigued and obsessed with this sport. Wrestlers are flamboyant and wear flashy costumes to stand out from the crowd and intimidate their opponents. Body modification goes hand in hand with the professional wrestling culture. A majority of wrestlers, both male and female, have visible tattoos. There are a lot of professional wrestlers who are also pierced or have other body modifications.

This may seem dangerous, because piercings can be accidentally ripped or pulled while performing. Exposed nipple and belly piercings would be most in danger during a match. However, these characters live life on the edge and laugh at the idea of pain. Piercings and tattoos add to the tough personas and promote individuality.

Female wrestlers are inspirational knock outs. They are a great example of strong women excelling in a (formerly) male dominated sport. Common piercings for female wrestlers are belly button, tongue, and lip. The two piece, midriff showing costumes are practically made for showing off a navel piercing. Female professional wrestling is more than just a cat fight. They’re multifaceted athletes, performers, musicians, and just plain fabulous.  Many of the Divas also do swimsuit and fashion modeling to show off their fit bodies and beautiful modifications.

modified wrestling Divas

Angeline Love is a five time TNA champion and has her belly button, ears, and lip pierced. Sofia Cortez has a belly piercing and tattoos. Britani Knight has a belly ring and her lip pierced. Her mother, professional wrestler Sweet Saraya Knight, has her lip and belly pierced as well. I think it’s so cool that this mother-daughter wrestling duo have the same piercings. I wish my mom was that accepting of body modification.

female modified wrestling stars

Lita is the lead singer of The Luchagors as well as a former WWE Diva; she has tattoos, multiple ear piercings, and a double tongue piercing. Ashley Massaro is most famous for wrestling but also has appeared on “Survivor: China” and was featured in Playboy.  She has tattoos, multiple ear piercings, snakebites, and also had her Monroe done at one time. Christina Von Eerie is in two different punk bands (Spit and Puke), and has a lip piercing and multiple tattoos.  These girls have a wild, punk rock style and would all look awesome in spiked body jewelry. Colorful spiked horseshoes look amazing in a variety of piercings and they’re a cheap way to make sure your body jewelry always matches the color of your mohawk.

famous female wrestlers with pierced belly buttons

Michelle McCool was a middle school teacher before turning to wrestling; she has a belly button piercing. Imagine seeing your middle school teacher in a wrestling ring? So awesome! Velvet Sky has tattoos and her belly button pierced and Jeannie Kim has her belly button pierced too. Other professional female wrestlers with piercings: Jazz has an eyebrow piercing, and Lufisto, Eve, Gail Kim, Emma, and Jessie McKay all have their belly buttons pierced.

Belly rings are very popular among female wrestlers. During matches it’s best to wear belly rings that are small and close to the body, to help prevent them from getting caught. For facial jewelry, push in studs and anything bioplast is recommended, again to prevent catching. Retainers are also available for those who want to play it safe while participating in high impact sports.

Some of my favorite photos of these amazing women are not when they are in the ring. Obviously they have a little bit more freedom with what they can wear in their belly piercings in a photoshoot than in the wrestling ring. While modeling bikinis, sparkly nautical belly rings look fantastic. Clear, dangly, crystal belly rings also look amazing on sun kissed tan skin. Body jewelry with neon balls is very beach ready too.

Now for the boys! Here is a sampling of some of the famous (and infamous) pierced male professional wrestlers:

WWE stars with piercings and tattoos

CM Punk is a straightedge, which is a subculture that doesn’t partake in drugs and alcohol. He has tons of tattoos plus his lower lip, ears, and tongue pierced. Shannon Moore is a punk rocker who owns his own tattoo parlor, wears his hair in a mohawk, and has his septum and ears pierced. Jeff Hardy is famous for being on a tag team with his brother Matt. He has tattoos and his lip and ears pierced. All of these boys are pictured wearing basic steel jewelry in their piercings. I have noticed this trend in a lot of the pierced manly men that I know. Generally they only wear basic steel or black jewelry.

wrestling stars with body piercings

Jesse Neal was in the Navy before wrestling. He has tribal tattoos and his tongue, ears, and labret pierced. A-Train (also known as Prince Albert) is a giant of a man who is obviously not afraid of pain. He was one of the founders of the Pierced Pals tag team wrestling group. A-Train has tribal tattoos and his nose, septum, three lip, multiple ear, cheeks, nipples, and tongue pierced. Besides wrestling, R-Truth is a rapper who has tattoos, ear, lip, and a double eyebrow piercing. Other known pierced male wrestlers are Batista: ears, nose, and tongue piercing. Brock Lesnar: tongue piercing. Balls Mahoney: ears,eyebrow, and tongue piercings. Snitsky: tongue piercing. Eric Hartsburg: 3 lip piercings. Darren Drozdoff: tongue and other various piercings. And Lou Albano: ear and facial piercings (he often puts a rubber band through a surface piercing on his cheek).

I love wrestling. It is all about the show, so flashy and fantastic. It is obvious why individuals who are pierced and tattooed are attracted to this sport. Strength is more than a physical thing; it’s also being able to be yourself. It is awesome to see these pierced and tattooed role models on such a large scale.

(I am sure there are more pierced or formally pierced wrestlers out there that I am missing. If you know of any please fill me in by leaving a comment. )


Awesome Irish Body Art

Saint Patricks Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is almost here, and to celebrate I’ve decided to take a look at all of the awesome green, clover, and Irish-centric body piercings and art that make me so happy to be Irish!

cute green hair styles

Even if you’re not Irish even 1% though, you can’t tell me that you don’t absolutely love the beauty of green hair.  As long as the color compliments the skin and eyes of the person wearing it, green hair can look absolutely stunning, especially when it brings out the color in tattoos.

Green Body Jewelry

Green body jewelry is pretty sweet to though, and I love the versatility.  With so many different shades of green (emerald, aqua, forest, kelly, lime…) the possibilities are practically endless, and when you pick the right hue, it can go with just about everything.  And that brings us to my personal favorite piece of Irish/Celtic body mod: the green tattoo.  Clovers, love knots, infinity knots, claddaghs (the crowned heart and hands); all of them are amazing and perfectly show off Irish heritage.  I’ve even been thinking about getting a lucky clover tattoo myself.  What do you guys think?

cool Irish tattoo art motifsThe beautiful claddagh tattoos in the center are (left to right) by Aaron of Neo Soul, and Marc Durrant of MD Tattoo Studio.

Whether you’re super Irish or not even close, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, and if you have Celtic tattoos, I hope you show them off all weekend!

Cycle Chic – Bike Savvy Street Fashion

bicycle driven fashion

Everybody remembers riding their first bike, the thrill of having transportation and shear fun of riding with the wind in your hair. Being a cyclist is more than just a trend, it is a way of life. Bicycles are also more than a swift means of transportation; they are a mainstay of modern urban youth culture and fashion. In urban areas, bikers band together and support this green form of transportation. Bike inspired fashion and jewelry are popping up on runways and street fashion blogs everywhere.

Like your body, one can customize and modify every detail of their bike to fit their every need and style. Fixed gear riding is becoming its own subculture. The bike has a fast and sleek design that allows cyclists to fill their need for speed.  Other bicycle enthusiasts will modify their bikes to extreme levels. These “freak” bikes may include double-decker bikes with two frames, pimped out tricycles, low riders, and many more interesting designs. For those of us who are into both body modification and bicycle modification, Bike Gear Plugs are the perfect addition to your bike savvy wardrobe.

body jewelry with bicycle gears

Cyclist fashion is way beyond neon colored spandex. For hardcore road racers the super hero outfits are still available: skin tight jerseys, padded cycling pants, helmet, and gloves in a matching color. New, stylish clothing is now being made with cyclists in mind. The clothing is made with breathable and reflective fabric to help riders remain visible at night. LED light up earrings and plugs are another great way to get noticed and be safe while riding at night. Waterproof capes and other bike gear are perfect for those of us who ride in any weather. There are also bags made that have extra straps to help keep them fixed to the body and not sway.  And bike themed necklaces are a great way to show off your love for cycling.

cute bike-centric jewelry

If you don’t want to invest in biking specific fashion, tighter fitting jeans are comfortable for the regular rider. Wearing denim cut offs and tank tops is the perfect way to show off your summer skin and stay cool on your bike in the warm weather. Midriff tops are perfect for showing off your belly ring and also keep you cool on your bike, but make sure you wear lots of sun block, especially if you have tattoos.

modified cyclists

Vintage cruiser bikes are popular for leisure riders and in the fashion world. Bike fashion shows are becoming more and more common. Dressing for your destination and not for the journey is the theme taken with a lot of cycle chic hipsters. Tweed rides are bike rides where the participants don vintage inspired wears and bike at a leisurely pace. Think cropped riding pants, blazers, hats, corduroys, dresses, and heels. Pearls and vintage inspired jewelry looks great with classic sportswear. Be careful with billowing dresses that may get caught in the spokes; safety first, fashion second. Belly rings and jewelry featuring vintage bicycles are adorable and feminine additions to any vintage pinup style. Basic silver body jewelry for facial piercings also looks great with this classy look.

classic retro cyclist fashion

I am lucky enough to have the Midnight Bike Ride in my city. Once a week in the summertime a gang of 100+ cyclists meet at the stroke of midnight and ride to designated spots around the city. As far as local cyclist style goes, I noticed a lot of the bike kids in Buffalo are bohemian travelers. This look includes dreadlocks, facial piercings, tattoos, DIY punk clothes, and fitted jeans. Bracelets and necklaces that look like they are made of bike chains go great with this punk look.

Whichever style you choose, biking is a way to regain childhood innocence and gain a new freedom and need to explore. You see things in a different way when you are on a bike. Put down the car keys and strap on your helmet. You will feel better about yourself, help the environment, explore your city in a new way, and get to try out some fabulous functional fashion. Whether you are a bike enthusiast or you are just in it for the style there are plenty of ways to make this look work for you. The look of the modified cyclist is not going away anytime soon.