Heart Shaped Box – Glitterati

For those who aren’t aware, the Pantone Institute has released their “Color of the Year” for 2013, and it’s emerald.  So yeah, beautifully deep, slightly bluish, brilliant green is the color of the moment.  I have to say though, right now I find myself caring less and less about what color something is, and more about whether it’s sparkly.  I’m totally having a glitter moment.

awesome glittery fashion

I mean, gems and crystal and all that are really nice, but nothing says “embracing the YOLO” like some in-your-face super sparkle.  Agreed?

fun glittery cocktail rings

Especially love these cute old school nineties vending machine style glitter rings.  Simple, stackable, sparkly… Perfect, really.  And you can layer ’em in slightly different styles and mix in some other slightly more complex cocktail rings, and you’ve totally made whatever outfit you’re wearing.  Love it.

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