Alternative Holiday Fashion- Season of the Snowflake

Alternative Winter Style

Even though it’s entirely too cold (I live in the wonderful state of New York), I still love Winter, and especially the holiday season.  Sure, there’s absolutely ridiculous traffic jams and every time I go shopping it feels like a rerun of The Hunger Games (every woman for herself), but it’s worth it for good food and amazing Winter fashion.

beautiful snowy white hair styles

Like the whole white hair thing.  Love it.  Afraid my hair would fall out if I tried to do it (brunettes unite!), but on everyone who pulls it off this look is incredibly cute.  Snowy white hair against paled Winter skin and accessorized with cool crystal and steel: perfect.

adorable snowy nail designs

Snowflake nail art is amazing too.  So pretty, and intricate-looking no matter which way you view it, even it was pretty easy to accomplish.

awesome snowflake motif tattoos

Then there’s the snowflake tattoo art.  These generally range from incredibly simple monochrome, to ridiculous cool pale blue, wind-blown, in your face super snow.  This is something I’ve seriously been thinking about indulging in this year, to commemorate the true snow-survivalist New Yorker in me.  I guess we’ll just have to see.

sweet snowflake body jewelry

Oh yeah, and last but not least, adorable snowflake body jewelry.  I love her nose ring, don’t you?  What does everyone else think about Winter motifs in alternative fashion?


  1. i am in love with the snowflake nose ring in this blog. but i cant find it anywhere!!! help please where do i get it???

  2. Sorry, but I have no idea where to find it either. I also looked for it and came up with nothing, but if I come across it in the future I’ll let you know. Thanks for the comment!

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