Fall Body Mod and Jewelry- Talkin Turkey

brilliant Fall fashion

Watching Fall style evolve around this years Pantone Institute color “Tangerine Tango” has been super fun ( not to mention beautifully bright), but with Thanksgiving coming up in a few days, there’s been a lot of interesting turkey-day-based fashion too.  Just check this out.

amazing turkey art tatts

Best…turkey…art…EVER!  I never thought that a giant tattoo of a turkey would be something I’d be interested in, but these works of art created by talented tattooists have totally changed my opinion.  I love the bright colors, the blend of realism and detail cartooning, and of course the beautiful Autumn elements they’ve brought into the backgrounds.  Absolutely stunning.

funky turkey feather earrings

And these sweet ideas for ear jewelry made with turkey feathers are perfect for dolling up during a season of snow.  (I don’t know about you, but when the temperature drops, my ears are just about the only skin that remains exposed.  So chilly!)

awesome orange hairdos

Which brings us back to the tangerine for a moment.  Orange is a very turkey color, and it’s absolutely amazing how many truly gorgeous orange hairdos have been showing up this season.  Fresh, energetic, and definitely unexpected, I’m lovin’ the fearlessness going on in the alternative fashion world right now.  Have a great Thanksgiving, and don’t forget to spill your own favorite part of Turkey Day fashion in the comments

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