New Trends in Body Mod – Valley of the Dolls

model Lily Cole as a living dollLily Cole photographed by Sølve Sundsbø

So I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed a certain trend floating through fashion shoots, body modification, and photo diaries lately.  Women who are making themselves look like living dolls.

some of the nets most popular human dolls“human dolls” Anzhelica Kenova, Valeria Lukyanova, Venus Palermo, Dakota Rose, and Anastasiya Shpagina

This started a few years ago with clever makeup, then plastic surgery, (and of course photoshop) and just ballooned from their until it founds its way into tattooing, piercings, cosmetology, editorials, runway, and just about everything else.  And now for your viewing pleasure, some interesting “dollisms” to help break down this rising fad.

First off, most of the young women who are known on the internet for their doll-like looks are very accomplished makeup artists.  In fact, a couple of them are makeup artists by trade, and many have also done modeling work and been shown how to use makeup to transform their features.

amazing doll-like makeup art

Next, there’s also our good old friend, the circle lens.  These little babies make the eye appear huge by distorting the size of the iris and pupil.  They’ve been around for a while, but didn’t reach the peak of popularity and availability until they were used as part of Lady Gaga’s wardrobe in the music video for her hit “Bad Romance.”  Next time you see someone who looks like they have large eyes, take a good look.  Once you’ve seen the difference, the lenses are pretty easy to spot.

circle lenses to mimic doll eyes

Then we have corsetry.  Although some of the tiny-waisted living dolls out there are rumored to have had surgery (including the removal of ribs, Ouch!), a couple of them appear to have used corsetry, including tightlacing, to achieve their unbelievable dimensions.

tightlacing to cinch the waist

Finally, there’s the rising trend of doll-style tattoos.  Amongst the most popular body art motifs are buttons and zippers, garters/bows, and corset laces.  Pretty much anything that makes the subject appear to be sewn or buttoned up like a rag doll fits the bill.  (I have to admit, I love the buttons!)

tattoos of doll parts and ribbons

Also, a few of the human dolls out there have incorporated body piercings.  This is mostly belly rings, but other tiny and feminine piercings like those around the nose and lips have also made their way into the mainstream.  One of America’s most famous dolls, KotaKoti, has often been photographed wearing two cute little studs in her snake bite lip piercings.

KotaKoti and her lip piercings

So what do you think about the living doll trend?  Human barbies: hot, or not?

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