Epic Wins – Unique piercing and Tattoo Successes

Seen anything really funny on the internet lately?  I know I have, so I thought I’d take a moment to give credit where credit is due, to all of the awesome (and slightly twisted) minds that come up with those little sweetnesses that get us through the day.  Starting with…

webbed toes with hilarious tattoos

the best use of webbed toes, EVER.  Then onto the guy that decided to see just how many times a single tongue can be pierced.

tongue with tons of piercings

Moving on to the best case of tragedy turned modification coolness that I’ve ever seen.

awesome shark arm tattoo

Then to what constitutes possibly the most amazing use of clear large gauge body jewelry on the web.  Did I mention that the phrase “show your teeth” will have an entirely new meaning from now on?

clear jewelry in stretched lip

Next we go to a definite winner in the “ink plus body hair equals awesome” category.  Talk about making a hairstylist’s day.

tattooed face with haircut mustache

And who could forget: sweetest custom nose jewelry on the planet Earth.  (Do you think he was trying to raise awareness about the illegal poaching of African Elephants for their ivory?)

elephant tusk jewelry in nose piercings

And finally, the girl who said with tattoo art what we’re all feeling every time we pop in a set of earbuds.

musical tattoo inside ear

So thanks modification pioneers, for turning up the volume and letting loose the funny.  What would Google do without you?


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