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Daydream Nation – A Tribute to End of Summer Fashion

Ah, Summer.  By far the best of all the seasons.  Warm, hazy, relaxing, magical, and absolutely going to be pined over relentlessly during the impending Winter.  So as Summer fades quietly and softly to a close, lets remember the good times that transpired these past months, shall we?

Summer fun and fashion

What did you do this Summer?  Just hanging out with friends?

Summer fun with friends

Or maybe a little romance.

romantic Summer fun and fashion

Perhaps some new adventures, getting piercings or tattoos.

Summer piercings and tattoos

Or was there an anything-but-typical road trip?  Cars overheating, motels in the desert, the famous Route 66, and all of the beachside bonfires and iced gas station coffee that one person can handle.

hot Summer road trips

Yep.  Summer might be over, but I know that we’ll all be thinking of it every time we rub our gloves together and cling to the thermos that’s saving our cold season sanity.

dreaming of Summer in the chill