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Wouldn’t It Be Amazing If…

Other species could express themselves the same way you and I do?

all species expressing themselves

We all had eyes in the back of our heads?

eyes in the back of our heads

There could really be a universal language?

body mod as a cultural connection

World peace could be a possibility?

coexist body art

Fashion Flash – Modern Nose Piercing

Slave to Symmetry

symmetrical nose and facial piercings

I love when facial piercings in particular are kept symmetrical.  It’s a very fresh and fun look, and in many cases fakes a look of symmetry to the face (which as we all know, nobody’s face is perfectly symmetrical).  It seems to work particularly well with nose piercings involved.

Super Stretched

cool stretched nose and septum piercings

I’ve always been incredibly fascinated by the stretching of nose piercings.  It seems like the flesh of a lip piercing or an ear piercing would be relatively easy to stretch because of its texture, elasticity, and general degree of pliability.  But for cartilage piercings like those in the nose, it looks like it would be decently tough!  Kudos nostril and septum stretchers!


Indian style nose jewelry

Ah, the Indian style nose hoop.  Is there anything cooler?  Remember back in 2010 when every celebrity in the world seemed to be so into this?  I think the best thing about this style is that in varying degrees pretty much anybody can pull it off.  (Love the chains too.)