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Most of us know how to use photoshop programs (some of us a little too well), so how do you tell if what you’re seeing is real.  Here we examine some of the neatest, most hilarious, and provocative piercing and tattoo photos on the web and find out if they’re fact, or just clever fakes.

The USB Piercing

Anyone who feels like they’re permanently connected to Facebook probably laughed about the irony the first time they saw this picture, but did someone really get multiple custom microdermal implants to make themselves appear to be a cyborg?

sweet photo of cyborg piercing

Unfortunately, the answer is no.  When you look at this picture closely, you can see a slight differentiation in color and texture just around the ports themselves.  Plus, the skin ridges or “rims” around the two headphone jacks are a little to perfect to be real human flesh.  It’s even easier to see when you invert the image.

inverted close-up of USB piercing

And finally, all it takes is another visit to our friends at Worth1000 to figure out that this is a photoshopped picture that was submitted to them.

cyborg picture from photoshop contest

The Verdict

Although it would be absolutely amazing, noone has been implanted with a fake USB port.  At least, not yet.


  1. Savy Charles says:

    OMG, you took my breath away for a moment. I was shocked to this image at the first instance, how it is possible????

    Thanks for sharing the complete information and I realized at the bottom of the article that it is one of those Photoshop based tricks 🙂

    Overall, it was good to read this whole article and I read it very carefully from top to bottom to know that is it Fake or Real…

    Thanks for contributing shocking information on the WEB.

    Best Regards,

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