Twist on Tradition – the New State of Ear Piercings

Ear piercings are supposed to be some of the most common piercings on the face of the earth, right?  So I decided to go in search of the fun ways that people were taking these now “old news” piercings and reinventing them.  And some of the neat things I found are anything but ordinary.  Check it out:

fun new ways to wear ear piercings

Happenin’ Helixes

helix ear piercings and jewelry

Some of the things that people are doing to decorate their multiple helix piercings are absolutely amazing.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly what types of jewelry are being coordinated together (like with this spiral/stud combo).

Extreme Stretch

multiple stretched ear piercings

It seems that stretching multiple ear piercings, whether in the lobe, helix, or other cartilage areas, is becoming a pretty big trend.  I love the multiple stretched piercings with the spiral barbell wound through, don’t you?

Industrialized Nation

cool new industrial piercing styles

As industrials become more and more common, new sets of industrial style piercing that go through multiple points does too.  Just take a look at the helix-rook-tragus industrial here, and the fun jewelry being worn in verticals (like this cute trident made of an industrial bar and a stylized horseshoe).

ear piercing worn with snake cuff

In the quest for the coolest ear piercing/jewelry combo, it doesn’t look the race will be over any time soon.


  1. How can i get that snake earring ? The helix rook tragus industrial style ?

  2. where can i find the trident for a customer? i own tats and tails tattoos and piercing..lewiston id

  3. where can i buy one of those stylized horse shoe studs in the trident earring???

  4. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you guys about the trident. I actually couldn’t find exactly what the person in the photo has, but the closest thing I’ve ever seen is actually a stylized nipple barbell that you can see here. It’s about the same size and shape as you’d want for helix piercings, and you’d just have to get matching spike tips for it and use them instead of the balls. The combo of a piece like this one and a straight industrial bar with spiked ends would create the trident. Hope this helps! 🙂

  5. erica s. says:

    Where can I get the wrap-around snake?

  6. Brianna C. says:

    Where do i get the trident and heart helix earrings?

  7. Hello! You can get some really cute heart pieces here, but the trident is definitely two pieces and would take a little work (please read my comment above). Hope this helps. Thank you!

  8. Where can I find those bomb plugs?

  9. Hello!
    These bullet/bomb type ones are the closest thing I could find: plugs
    Hope that helps! 🙂

  10. I really want those two ear cuffs that are in the first picture, especially the second one. Any ideas on where to find it?

  11. I am really interested in the trident industrial bar. Where can I get that? Any ideas please?

  12. As mentioned in other comments above, the trident is two pieces: a regular industrial with a cone tip, and a custom bent horseshoe. It’s not something that you can buy as a single piece because it would be almost impossible to have all three piercings in the exact perfect locations for that type of item to fit. The best way to achieve that look is by combining:  photo trident.jpg


  13. You can actually buy the trident jewellery as one pierce. However you would have to be pierced to make it fit. Check out the tribal voice Facebook page to see my own.

  14. Any ideas to where I can get the wrap around snake? I really like that one

  15. Where can I find the Barbell for the trident?? Having a hard time finding one long enough!

  16. What piercings would I have to get in order to do the trident two piece?

  17. Hi Aly,

    You’d need to get an industrial piercing done, a regular cartilage hole between those on your helix, and a rook piercing for that one.

  18. Andrea vasquez says:

    Karl, hello I am looking for the trident jewelry. I looked where you advised at the tribal voice but can not seem to find it. Can you or anyone that knows where i can purchase the trident jewelry, please send me information on where to order the trident jewelry. I would really appreciate it. My email is thank you for you’re time

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