Body Modification – Evolved

As more extreme forms of body modification come into mainstream culture every day, the gap between human and superhuman continues to shorten.  But what direction is the next step in human evolution?  Just ask these folks who have modified their bodies to the extreme to achieve a blending of man and machine, man and animal, and even man and immortal.

cool alien full body tattoo

In many places cyber goth has been taken to a new level with full body tattooing, cyborg contacts and eye tattoos, and even plate armor attached to the skin using dermal piercings.  The illusion of a mix between man and machine has never been so apparent.

body mods that mix man and machine

Other humans prefer to mimic immortal creatures, like Rick Genest the “Zombie Tattoo Boy,” and Maria Jose Cristerna, Mexico’s “Vampire Lady.”  Maria doesn’t just have oodles of tattooing and piercings, she also has dental fangs and several dermal implants, all in the interest of transforming into a free, immortal, and powerful creature: the vampire.

body modification to mimic immortal creatures

Some others like Eric Sprague and Dennis Avner prefer to meld with animal species.  Sprague is know as the “Lizard Man,” and has subdermal implants, a split tongue, and a full body tattoo to back it up, while Avner has taken the nickname “Stalking Cat,” having taken several measures to transform himself into a tiger including dental work, ear surgery, a modified upper lip, tattooing, and several dermal implants that hold his whiskers.

transforming into plants and animals

Many of those who modify to the extreme do it simply with the intent of changing their look to something interesting, symbolic, or that they find more attractive, like Cathie Jung, the only living woman with a fifteen inch waist.  Super modifiers Pauly Unstoppable and Hawaii’s “Monster Man” have even pierced, implanted, scarred, and stretched their way to fame, proving that it’s possible to alter the human body to suit individual tastes.

people famous for extreme body mod

Remember when you were little and your parents told you that you could be whatever you want to be?


  1. Hi, I used to be a TH fan, not anymore, but I still recognize Bill Kaulitz his eye. The blue one, it’s very very photoshopped, the original is brown, I know exactly which picture you used.
    And he has no eye piercings and uses no lenses, whatsoever.

  2. Actually, I didn’t do it. lol. I found it that way, and also being a former Tokyo Hotel fan I recognized it right away too! Photoshopping aside though, I thought it was a great image to illustrate the blending of human and machine, very cyborg looking. Thanks for the comment too!

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