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Kiss Me I’m Irish – St. Patrick’s Day Body Piercings

Maybe it’s the three B’s (balloons, beads, and beer), that make Saint Patrick’s Day one of the best holidays of the year, or maybe it’s the amazing fashion that shows off our Irish heritage.  For those who are Irish, and many who aren’t, this fun and festive celebration provides the perfect opportunity to let loose and doll up.  More people every year are dressing up for Saint Patty’s including gorgeous makeup, flirty accessories, and awesome costumes.  Green?  You betcha.  Shamrocks?  Uh-huh.  And body jewelry?  Definitely!

cute green haired girl with piercings

With so much cute and clover-centric piercing jewelry available on the market, it would be practically sinful not to show off our love of all things Irish with a fun lip ring, some flirty ear plugs, or a dangerously beautiful belly ring.  Afterall, piercings are about self expression, right?  Just check out these super sweet ways that other celebrants are putting their best Patty’s Day fashion foot forward:

St Patty's body jewelry

Do you love the shamrock industrial as much as I do?  Another thing that’s super cute is these fun plugs:

cute Irish and shamrock ear plugs

Seriously, they make we want to stretch my ears just so that I can wear them.  Be sure to let me know what your favorite Saint Patrick’s Day body jewelry is in the comments, and keep the fun Irish fashion coming this St. Patty’s Day.

I Heart Valentines Day – Hearts and Piercing Culture

Valentines Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by having a virtual party featuring one of my favorite things: the heart!

Alternative Valentines Day

Hearts and piercing culture have long been interwoven, especially in the world of pierced retro pinups and fabulously fun scene girls.  A symbol of romance, sweetness, and youthful femininity, it’s no wonder that the phrase “we love it,” has been almost entirely replaced by “we heart it.”  And just so everyone knows, I happen to heart hearts!

cool heart-centric piercings

From dermal piercings, shaped and stretched lobes, and sassy circular lip rings, to body art, color tattoos, and everything else involved in alternative culture, one of the most prevalent and universal motifs in the world and the alt world is the heart.  So much so that all of us seem to love it, even when it’s broken.

Heart body art and mods

So I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ll definitely be spending this Valentine’s Day having a seriously heart filled celebration.  (And a heart shaped box of chocolates might not be so bad either.) ♥

Celebrity Piercing Trend – Dermals and Surface Piercing

As the body modification industry grows through the inventions, innovations, and creativity of its proponents and resident artists, dermal implants and surface piercing are headed into the mainstream.  And who better to give them that extra little push than our favorite sports stars and movie and music celebrities?

When pop superstar Lady Gaga unveiled her “subdermal implants” about one year ago on the Jay Leno Show, dermal implants and piercings were thrust into the spotlight.  Gaga is hardly the first celebrity to choose surface piercings or dermals to express herself creatively, but she did happen to be the most theatrical and high profile.  Although her “implants” which consisted of ridges on the forehead, cheekbones, and nose turned out to be nothing more than cleverly applied and convincing prosthetics, the world at large was suddenly taking notice of dermals.

Lady Gaga's faux subdermal implants

NFL player Stevie Johnson (wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills) has actually had a microdermal piercing for about two years in a very noticeable place: the cheek.  And he recently revealed that the piercing itself was a spur of the moment decision while vacationing in Vegas with a cousin, who also got pierced.  So how did most of us never notice until now?  In order to protect the piercing during rough and tumble game play, Stevie usually covers it with a band aid while on the field.

Stevie Johnson's cool microdermal cheek piercing

Another popular celebrity with less conventional piercings is lovely Italian actress Asia Argento.  Argento has a large surface piercing at the back of her neck, generally referred to as a nape piercing, and it too has recently caught media attention.  Some celebrities have even become famous through social networking for having microdermal and subdermal implants, like Pauly Unstoppable, who has several piercings, dermals, and stretch mods in his face and ears.

Asia Argento nape surface piercing