Body Jewelry Parties- Cool Holiday Fun

The Holiday season is officially in full swing, and if your family’s like mine, the planning (more like nefarious plotting) of countless Holiday get-togethers has already begun.  So where’s your piece of the action?  I know mine will probably be with an awesomely fun body jewelry party.

Body Jewelry Party

Even if all you have pierced is your ears, a piercing or jewelry party is a cool and interesting way to reconnect with friends you may have lost touch with since last year’s festivities.  You’ll hear great stories about piercings and tattoos people have gotten in the past year, get gift ideas from friends and family members who attend, and have the opportunity to save yourself and your pals some green on new items you might want or need.  Plus, it’s the perfect excuse for a Holiday hang-out session.

Here’s the idea:

1. Start by playing a few fun games.  One of my favorites is The Guess Game, where you basically go from person to person and everyone gets to guess how many piercings and/or tattoos that person has.  Whoever guesses each round right or gets closest wins a little goodie bag with cute body jewelry or aftercare products inside.  Another fun one is Truth or Lies, where everyone tells an amazing, hilarious, or outlandish story about piercing, tatts, or body mod and you have to guess whether it’s true or not.

Bag full of aftercare products

2. Use the theme in fun ways.  For example, different colored flexible horseshoe rings make adorable stemware charms.  That way everyone knows which glass is theirs, and they get to take home a piece of jewelry when they leave.

Bioplast Horseshoe Charms

Other neat ways to incorporate the body modification motif?  Use floral cocktail rings as decorations and napkin holders, or use custom earrings with people’s names on them to draw for door prizes or decide who’s turn is next in games.  (These adorable stockings are just $8.99 a pair!)

Personalized Stocking Earrings

3. Save everyone a little money with a virtual shopping trip.  By loading a Paypal account or Visa gift card and then shopping together online, you can save big.  Large orders will almost always qualify for free regular shipping and special Holiday deals, and coupon codes can take off up to 20% on top of sale prices.  Plus, when buying in groups, you can take advantage of bonus pack deals and then split the pack when it arrives, and by shipping everything to a single location, you have a built in excuse to see everyone who orders again soon.

Another thing that I like to do is provide some adorable gift boxes for people to put the prizes they’ve won in to take home.  That way you make sure that noone looses any of those teensy pieces.

Body Jewelry Gift Boxes

Alternative Holiday parties aren’t just fun, they’re fabulous!

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