Top Body Jewelry Trends for Halloween

Black Plugs and Red Lipstick

Whether the costume is a pin-up or something with the feel of old Hollywood, for all things retro that are making a Halloween comeback, simple black plugs paired with a red lip seems to be the statement of the moment.

Black Plugs, Tunnels, and Tapers

Glitter Plugs and a Bare Neck

When going for a soft, feminine look (a fairy, princess, ballerina, angel…) a glittering plug accents a bare swan-like neck and loads of feathers and frills perfectly.

Colorful Glittery Plugs

Blood Red Belly Rings

Flirty belly-baring costumes need just one accessory, a sultry blood red navel ring.   ‘Nough said.

Blood Red Gem Navel Rings

Labret Spikes

Guys and girls who go as ghouls, beasties, vampire slayers, or action heroes can let their evil-never-looked-so-good ensembles benefit from the classic cool of spike or talon labret jewelry.

Spike and Talon Labret

Indian Style Nose Jewelry

Belly dancers, Bollywood stars, exotic goddesses, and more will all be made stunning with another of the moment trend piece: Indian style nose piercings.  Flowered studs, skinny hoops, and jewel bearing fare add a real tropic flare and will be noticed for their uniqueness.

Indian Style Flower Nose Jewelry

Fangs and Lip Piercing

Vampires, werewolves, and monsters all have one thing in common this Halloween season.  Whether it’s real or fake, they draw extra attention to their lips with studs or hoops aplenty.

Vampy Lip Piercing Jewelry

What will you be wearing this Halloween?


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