Budget Halloween Accessorizing – Alice in Wonderland

This week we do budget accessorizing for one of my personal favorites in the dark fairytale genre: Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland film poster

To go as Alice:

Accessorizing an Alice costume

Alice’s trademark look is bare ears and minimalism, her only piece of prominent jewelry being the crystal teardrop necklace that you see her in throughout the film.  Rather than splurging on an overdone piece, the better way to go is grabbing something similar in size, shape, and color for less than half the price.  All three of these necklaces are under fifteen dollars, and you’ll never be late to tea wondering what to wear.

Amber Teardrop like Alice'sAlice style crystal teardropColor Changing ALice Style Teardrop Necklace

To go as the White Queen:

Alice in Wonderland's White Queen

Having bare hands and an exquisitely decorative gown, the white queen keeps it simple with a single pearly necklace.  To get the look for less, go for a regular strand that’s long enough to be doubled, or keep it minimal with a classic, gold tone ball chain (at just over $30, it’s affordable and luxe).

Pearly White Queen Style NecklaceGold Ball Chain Necklace

To go as the Red Queen:

Tim Burton's Red Queen

Our queen of hearts has a penchant for rings, and (you guessed it), they’re all in the shape of hearts.  To hit the mark, just be sure you layer at least two per hand and strategically pick your items to foster a look of opulence.  The awesome cocktail rings below all have an awesome price tag to match, and in deep earthy hues and jewel tones, they’ll make any rendition of the red queen steel the show.

Opulent Queen of Hearts Style Rings

To go as the Hatter:

Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter

Our friend the Mad Hatter is the very vision of coolly cuckoo, and since he wears literally NO jewelry at all, that leaves you free to add your own spin by incorporating generalized wonderland themes like locks and keys, tea cups, drink bottles, crowns, marigolds, and playing card suits.  The sky is the limit and the cost is extremely reasonable, so go nuts!

Lucite Wonderland Style KeyWonderland Style Antique KeysLock and Key Necklace and Earrings

To go as the Cheshire Cat or the White Rabbit:

The White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat

If you’re aiming for the white rabbit, you need only a waistcoat and a pocket watch, but the for the Cheshire Cat (who wears nothing but fur and a smile) a single comical accessory will really drive home the kooky mood, and I found the perfect pick: a fish necklace!  Just $3.99 and full of catty goodness.

Cheshire Cat Accessory Fish Necklace

Time to fall down the rabbit hole into Halloween costume Wonderland.

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