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Coolest Piercings We’ve Ever Seen – Halloween Edition

Cool Pierced Zombie Tattoo Man Rick Genest

In this edition of Coolest Piercing We’ve Ever Seen:

Our old friend the corset piercing gets more intense, the “Wolverine Piercing” goes hyper, and temporary piercings get a sweet Halloween style web redemption.

So you might be asking yourself, is a “Wolverine Piercing” what I think it is?  And the Answer is YES!  Some do it for Halloween, others for nostalgia, and some because they just have a secret yearning for comic book style super powers, but whatever the reason, this piercing is blowing up.  It seems like everyone wants a piece of our favorite X-Men hero, or at least his awesome metallic accessories.  It looks painful, expensive, and like it might have a higher than average rate of rejection, but spiked surface piercing of the hands are still one of the coolest piercings I’ve ever seen.

Cool Hand Surface Piercings

Ever wonder where the corset piercing craze is going to end?  Well from what we’ve seen lately, it’s only just beginning.  Not only have more and more people taken the corsetry plunge, but the BCR piercings themselves seem to be increasing in quantity, quality, and creativity.  Just check out some of this awesome stuff:

Corset Piercing sets spun togetherSets of several corset Piercings

Definitely some of the coolest corset piercings ever.

Which brings us to our web redemption.  You might have seen some YouTube videos and interesting photos lately showing temporary piercings gone awry, but one of the ultimate coolest Halloween accessories ever is about to change your viewpoint on temporary piercing forever.  Just get a load of these piercing buffs spreading their wings.

Temporary Angel Wing piercingGirl with Pierced on Wings

The process is done like any other temporary piercing, but with feathers attached to the needle.  The piercings are carefully arranged in a fan-like formation to allow the feathers to properly create the shape of a wing, which (not gonna lie) is one of the neatest things I have EVER seen.

They may be provocative, interesting, creepy, amazing, or even a bit extreme, but there’s no denying that we all feel a little tinge of jealousy when we see someone with one of the coolest piercings we’ve ever seen.

Top Body Jewelry Trends for Halloween

Black Plugs and Red Lipstick

Whether the costume is a pin-up or something with the feel of old Hollywood, for all things retro that are making a Halloween comeback, simple black plugs paired with a red lip seems to be the statement of the moment.

Black Plugs, Tunnels, and Tapers

Glitter Plugs and a Bare Neck

When going for a soft, feminine look (a fairy, princess, ballerina, angel…) a glittering plug accents a bare swan-like neck and loads of feathers and frills perfectly.

Colorful Glittery Plugs

Blood Red Belly Rings

Flirty belly-baring costumes need just one accessory, a sultry blood red navel ring.   ‘Nough said.

Blood Red Gem Navel Rings

Labret Spikes

Guys and girls who go as ghouls, beasties, vampire slayers, or action heroes can let their evil-never-looked-so-good ensembles benefit from the classic cool of spike or talon labret jewelry.

Spike and Talon Labret

Indian Style Nose Jewelry

Belly dancers, Bollywood stars, exotic goddesses, and more will all be made stunning with another of the moment trend piece: Indian style nose piercings.  Flowered studs, skinny hoops, and jewel bearing fare add a real tropic flare and will be noticed for their uniqueness.

Indian Style Flower Nose Jewelry

Fangs and Lip Piercing

Vampires, werewolves, and monsters all have one thing in common this Halloween season.  Whether it’s real or fake, they draw extra attention to their lips with studs or hoops aplenty.

Vampy Lip Piercing Jewelry

What will you be wearing this Halloween?

Budget Halloween Accessorizing – Alice in Wonderland

This week we do budget accessorizing for one of my personal favorites in the dark fairytale genre: Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland film poster

To go as Alice:

Accessorizing an Alice costume

Alice’s trademark look is bare ears and minimalism, her only piece of prominent jewelry being the crystal teardrop necklace that you see her in throughout the film.  Rather than splurging on an overdone piece, the better way to go is grabbing something similar in size, shape, and color for less than half the price.  All three of these necklaces are under fifteen dollars, and you’ll never be late to tea wondering what to wear.

Amber Teardrop like Alice'sAlice style crystal teardropColor Changing ALice Style Teardrop Necklace

To go as the White Queen:

Alice in Wonderland's White Queen

Having bare hands and an exquisitely decorative gown, the white queen keeps it simple with a single pearly necklace.  To get the look for less, go for a regular strand that’s long enough to be doubled, or keep it minimal with a classic, gold tone ball chain (at just over $30, it’s affordable and luxe).

Pearly White Queen Style NecklaceGold Ball Chain Necklace

To go as the Red Queen:

Tim Burton's Red Queen

Our queen of hearts has a penchant for rings, and (you guessed it), they’re all in the shape of hearts.  To hit the mark, just be sure you layer at least two per hand and strategically pick your items to foster a look of opulence.  The awesome cocktail rings below all have an awesome price tag to match, and in deep earthy hues and jewel tones, they’ll make any rendition of the red queen steel the show.

Opulent Queen of Hearts Style Rings

To go as the Hatter:

Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter

Our friend the Mad Hatter is the very vision of coolly cuckoo, and since he wears literally NO jewelry at all, that leaves you free to add your own spin by incorporating generalized wonderland themes like locks and keys, tea cups, drink bottles, crowns, marigolds, and playing card suits.  The sky is the limit and the cost is extremely reasonable, so go nuts!

Lucite Wonderland Style KeyWonderland Style Antique KeysLock and Key Necklace and Earrings

To go as the Cheshire Cat or the White Rabbit:

The White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat

If you’re aiming for the white rabbit, you need only a waistcoat and a pocket watch, but the for the Cheshire Cat (who wears nothing but fur and a smile) a single comical accessory will really drive home the kooky mood, and I found the perfect pick: a fish necklace!  Just $3.99 and full of catty goodness.

Cheshire Cat Accessory Fish Necklace

Time to fall down the rabbit hole into Halloween costume Wonderland.

Budget Accessorizing -Halloween Costumes of Your Favorite Movie Characters: Harry Potter

If you’re anything like me, you might feel like you’ve been in the middle of Harry Potter mania for the past few years, and maybe you’re considering going as your favorite character for Halloween now that the series is finally complete.  Character jewelry replicas and pendants based on the movies have gotten very expensive though; way too expensive for a one time use as part of a Halloween costume.  So instead of paying up to four times as much, why not go for budget fakes and save some serious green?

To go as Harry Potter:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Movie Poster

Our title character doesn’t really wear a lot of jewelry, but there are a few things that can make a slightly lackluster costume really pop.  For example, you could wear a necklace that looks like either a snitch or a philosopher’s stone.  Both of these items are normally fairly pricey (running for up to 75 Euro ((just under$100)) ) but you can get your hands on a budget fake for around fifteen bucks.  Just look at these philosopher’s stone type necklaces, all under $14.99.

Philosophers Stone Style Crystal Necklaces

To go as Hermione:

hermione from Harry Potter

There are a couple things that will let everyone know you’re dressed as Hermione, (even if you can’t get your hair to fluff up quite right): a faux time turner necklace, or a pair of pink posy earrings.  Both can be snatched up for about half the price if you choose pieces that give the overall look and shape instead of an exact replica.

Pink Crystal Flower EarringsFaux Time Turner Style Pendant

To go as a member of Slytherin House:

Harry Potter Characters

The easy way to accessorize is with a snake ring.  Affordable and unmistakable.  Or if you want to go for house colors, just grab a colored enamel band.

Slytherin House Style Snake RingsEnamel Harry Potter Colored Rings

General Potterisms:

When going as a generalized character or adding interest to an existing costume, there are some relatively inexpensive accessory options that will bring the fantasy world to life.  Things like phoenixes, owls, lightening bolts, and magic hats.

Celestial Bird Body JewelryBody Jewelry featuring owls

Lightning bolt body jewelrywizard/witch hat body jewelry

Now you’re good to go at a fraction of the cost.

Budget Accessorizing -Halloween Costumes of Your Favorite Movie Characters: Twilight

So you’re looking to dress up as a character from your favorite movie for Halloween, but there either aren’t any of the crucial accessories available on the market, or there are and they’re just amazingly expensive.  Well never fear, because over the next few weeks I’ll show you some amazing deals on jewelry that completes the look of your favorite characters from popular movies.  This week, we start with Twilight.


To fake Bella’s style, the thing that will really make her character come alive for you is the jewelry.  There are a few items to choose from that her character is constantly seen wearing and here they are:

Her turquoise bracelet

turquoise western style bracelet

There are several replicas out there that can get pretty pricey, but to cut out the cost, your best option is to just go for faux turquoise and stick to a similar shape, like this bracelet has.  At just $17.99 it’s a major steal, and a great way to get the same feel for a lower price.

Awesome Faux Turquoise Imitation

Her charm bracelet

Silver Tone Charm Bracelet with wolf

Instead of paying full price for a replica, you can make your own fairly easily for about half the cost.  Just check out this combo.  The belly ring is around seven dollars and the necklace is made with real Swarovski crystal and runs just $15.99.  Throw the wolf charm onto the chain and wrap it around your wrist twice.  Voila!  Budget Bella charm bracelet.

Necklace with clear crystal charmBelly Ring with Wolf charm

Her engagement ring

Oval Shaped Gem Encrusted Ring

This is probably the easiest to get a cheaper version of if you know where to look.  Just look for an oval costume ring like this one; only $14.99.

Oval Encrusted Cocktail ring


ribbon necklace with circle pendant

The piece of jewelry that represents Alice is her choker necklace, and it’s incredibly easy to make one yourself.  All you’ll need is a length of ribbon and a charm, brooch, or even a ring to connect the ends.  Since Alice’s pendant is circular and bears her family crest, a ring like this one is an ideal stand in.

Stel Ring with Antiqued Crest

The Volturi:

Volturi character wearing V-shaped gold tone pendant

Many of the volturi characters wear gold jewelry with their own v-shaped crest on it like the piece seen on Jane.  To fake it you’ll just need a faux gold chain with a similar shape  and style pendant.  Because of the v-like shape and floral elements, a fleur de lis is the perfect budget alternative.

Gold Tone Fleur de Lis Charm


leather bracelet with silver crest

Like most of the male Cullen characters, lead vampire Edward doesn’t wear a lot of accessories, but the one thing that sets his character apart is the leather braclet we see him in that has a silver family crest on it.  Luckily there is a great a way to cut spending for this item in half by adopting a good fake.  This one, for example, looks almost just like it and is only $19.99.  Sweet deal, huh?

Leather Cuff Bracelet with Silver Tone Crest

Join me next week for more budget accessorizing for costumes of your favorite movie characters.  Happy bargain hunting!