Comic Book Geek Chic and National Comic Book Day

For those who don’t know, yesterday, September 25th, was National Comic Book Day.  With the rash of comic superheroes being brought to the big screen in recent years, it’s definitely no surprise that it’s become fashionable and chic to be a comic book geek.  Of those movies surrounding comic book heroes in the past decade we have the Spiderman franchise, the Fantastic Four series, the Incredible Hulk, the Matrix Trilogy, the X-Men movies (now numbering five), Hellboy and its sequel, the new Batman flicks, Ghost Rider, Iron Man (which also has a follow-up), Watchmen, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, remakes of the Punisher, and the less than stellar Daredevil.  And that’s not to include lesser well known comic book hero spin-offs (like Elektra and Catwoman) and those originals based around the more generalized super hero mythology, like Hancock and My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

X-Men Wolverine, Thor, and Iron Man Movie Posters

Released in 2011 were Green Lantern, Captain America, Thor, and the Green Hornet respectively, and whispers of the upcoming for 2012 include more from Spiderman, Superman, and the Dark Knight, along with introductions to Green Arrow, the Avengers, Silver Surfer, and possible film appearances from Wonder Woman and the Flash.

Marvel and Dc Comics Super Hero Jewelry

So now that super heroes are a super fashion “do,” what’s a comic book lover to wear?  The answer is just about anything you want!  Along with the rising trend of hero and heroinedom comes the availability of super sweet character-based clothing and jewelry.  Just check out some of those who have taken the leap:

People Wearing Comic Book Hero Jewelryfrom left: Thor’s Hammer necklace, Punisher ear plugs, and Superman pierced earrings

Pretty super, huh?

Comic Book Hero and Character Body Jewelry

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