Traditional Meets Modern – Jewelry Celebration for Oktoberfest

It’s time again for one of the best festivals of the year.  No, I’m not talking about Burning Man or Coachella Music Festival.  I’m talking about the first holiday of Autumn, and arguably the coolest for those legally of age: Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest Gate in Munich

This year’s Oktoberfest will begin on September 17th and run until October 3rd.  The festival usually culminates on the first Sunday of October, but due to new laws passed in a reunited Germany, when first Sunday is the 2nd of the month, the holiday closes on the 3rd, which is German Unity Day.  The real Oktoberfest is held in Bavaria (specifically, in the Theresienwiese, a field near the town center in Munich) and includes special Bavarian beer, traditional German food and delicacies, and folk music.  Other Oktoberfest celebrations will be held worldwide in imitation of the original festival, and will run for the same or similar duration celebrating German heritage, the fall harvest, and of course, beer.

Oktoberfest Beer servers in traditional costume

Whether of German descent or not, Oktoberfest is a holiday that demands friends, fun, and flamboyant celebration.  All manner of buttons, shirts, belt buckles, necklaces, and other jewelry are common party wear when attending Oktoberfest events, and should be worn with pride for the duration of this awesome 17 day affair.

And who could forget, the newcomer to the Oktoberfest accessory line-up: the belly ring.  This item has become popular festival fare in the United States in particular, as local beer companies bring out beautiful young piercees in their Bavarian attire to join in the festival for a modern update on time-honored traditional fun.

Belly Jewelry for Celebrating Oktoberfest

From 1810 to the present day, Oktoberfest has evolved, but retained it’s folk appeal and focus.  So get your Bavarian beer steins ready, throw on your lederhosen, and prepare for the knödel, because this time of year is truly a time to celebrate.  O’ zapft is!

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